New Products for Fire Protection

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff March 2, 2006

Photoelectronic Duct Smoke Sensors are said to sense smoke in HVAC system air velocities from 100 to 4,000 fpm. The sensors operate by sampling air currents passing through the ducts, activating fans, blowers and dampers and also communicating electronically with each other. An indication at the panel specifies the location of the problem, facilitating access for selected maintenance. For more about ADP from FCI, click here .

Audio evacuation product lines has been expanded to include distributed audio and zone splitter panels. The enhanced audio panel increases the available wattage of the system to over 1,500 watts of crystal-clear digital audio power. The zone splitter panel increases the zone splitter capability up to a total of 24 separate audio circuits. For more about ACC-25/50DA and ACC-25/50ZS from Fire-Lite, click here .

“Clean-green” team
is the name being used by manufacturer to describe its family of environmentally friendly and safe fire suppression products.One product is designed specifically for hazard areas that require a reliable and safe non-magnetic fire extinguisher such as laboratories and MRI, delivery and operating rooms. Another is a fire suppression system that utilizes a chemical agent that looks and feels like water, but evaporates as soon as it’s deployed without leaving a trace of residue or dampness. Finally, an inert gas comprised of Argon, Nitrogen and CO2 replaces the oxygen in a room so that fire cannot exist. For more about Tyco’s clean green team, click here .

Flexible sprinkler head connections are touted as a way to connect tamper-resistant sprinkler heads in institutional, correctional and other facilities where tampering may occur to the sprinkler head. The product enables an installer to connect any tamper-resistant institutional sprinkler head to the branch line through a concrete wall or ceiling using a flexible stainless steel hose and a retaining flange. The product has received full FM approval and has been listed for service by UL. For more about flexible sprinkler connections from Flexhead, click here .

Input devices and output appliances for fire-alarm panels offer compatibility for multiple device protocols and notification appliance alternatives. The manufacturer’s products are compatible with detectors from a number of suppliers. For more information from Gamewell, click here .