New Products for Electrical Applications

Scalable UPS for industrial applications and process control, TVSS, and swimming pool grounding and bonding

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 20, 2007

Scalable UPS series for industrial and process control applications features new sizes, expanding the family to a range up to 40 kVA. Parallel or N+1 redundant UPS are designed to meet the demands of IT infrastructures with a scalable platform and N+1 redundancy. The new models achieve many technical milestones including a faster processor utilizing digital signal processing (DSP) technology, thereby improving performance, capability and reliability. For more about the FN series from Falcon Electric, click here .
Transient voltage surge suppressors feature a patented thermally protected metal oxide varistor technology, an advancement that includes a safety feature that shuts down the TVSS to prevent overheating and ensures compliancy with UL 1449 2nd Edition requirements for all TVSS products. The TVSS line can be used without a dedicated breaker, particularly important to customers without room for an extra, dedicated breaker in the panel. For more about TVSS from GE, click here .
Pool grounding and bonding solutions that meet NEC 2005 Article 680.26 Equipotential Bonding are available. The primary purpose for equipotential bonding is to eliminate voltage gradients in the pool area. The NEC has changed with the past couple of revision cycles especially as it relates to pool and spa grounding. For more information about pool grounding and bonding from Harger, click here .
Power solutions catalog is 68 pages providing information on product line including new products launched over the last year such as the rack PDUs, surge strips and an expanded UPS line. For more information on the Leviton catalog, click here .