New Products: Cooling Systems for Data Centers

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff April 6, 2005

Smart Server Solution is a system developed by consulting engineering firm Syska Hennessy Group to control hot spots in all types of mission-critical facilities. With this cooling system, up to 42 servers can be put into a single rack without overheating.Prior to this process, the same rack would only have had an operating capacity of 24 servers. The system allows companies to phase their installations based on a modular approach that scales from 1,000 to 100,000 sq. ft. For more information, click here .

InfraStruXure from APC offers a complete modular system for data center cooling, power and rack standardization. The fully integrated system includes an online tool that automates the process of designing the system. Customized systems are then built from standardized modular, manageable and pre-engineered components. For more information, click here .

Deluxe System is a data center cooling system from Liebert features digital scroll compressors for stepless variable capacity control that allows the system to be matched to the exact requirements of the room at any time. A control system coordinates operation among multiple units, allowing them to function as a single coordinated system. The control system also includes internal service log and notification capabilities, spare parts identification and a system set-up wizard. For more information, click here .

Tower of Cool is a data center cooling solution that was developed by engineers at Baltimore-based A/E RTKL and produced in partnership with technical furniture manufacturer Wright Line . The system is a thermal management system that pumps cool air from a fan underneath a raised floor and up through a specially built or retrofitted cabinet, cooling the equipment itself before being recycled back through the fan.

The unit is said to enable a 50% reduction in the number of air-conditioning units required, which means a 14% reduction in the cost to cool the facility and a 6-10% reduction in demand on the electrical grid. For more information, click here .