New Products: Chilling News

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff April 28, 2005

Centrifugal chiller
capacity has been extended to provide the industry with what is claimed to be the largest-capacity, single-package chiller using HFC-134a. This increases the chiller’s previous capacity by 75%, while its compact footprint is said to be as much as 50% smaller than chillers of comparable capacity. For more information about MaxE YD from York, click here .

Large capacity industrial water chiller has been reintroduced to the market after a six-year absence. With a capacity performance in the nominal 3,000-, 4,000- and 5,000-ton range, the unit uses environmentally sound HFC 134a refrigerant. A steam turbine, electric motor or gas engine drive can be selected to match the most economical fuel available. Dual-drive steam turbine and electric motors have been applied, giving the owner-operator maximum flexibility. For more information about Model 17DA from Carrier, click here .

Recirculating chiller selector tool selects up to five recirculating chillers, based on user input that will work for a particular application. The selection process can be further refined by inputting the set point temperature, ambient temperature, desired flow rate, or power configuration.The user then configures the chiller by selecting a pump, controller package, and options. The tool provides pump curves and complete descriptions of the controller packages and upgrade options. For more information on selector tool from Lytron, click here .

Centrifugal chiller has magnetic bearings that offer oil-free, frictionless operation as low as 0.375 kW per ton IPLV. Full-load performance is as low as 0.62 kW per ton, which the vendor claims is about 32% more efficient that screw compressor chillers. The magnetic bearing technology is also said to reduce sound levels. For moreinformation about chillers from McQuay, click here .