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Main system board for manufacturer's life-safety system has a processor that's eight times faster than its predecessor and two analog loop device circuits that allow the use of unshielded, untwisted wires. The board uses firmware in flash memory, and upgrade chips are not required to change the firmware.
By Staff March 1, 2004

Main system board for manufacturer’s life-safety system has a processor that’s eight times faster than its predecessor and two analog loop device circuits that allow the use of unshielded, untwisted wires. The board uses firmware in flash memory, and upgrade chips are not required to change the firmware. (MMB-3 for MXL by Siemens Building Technologies)

Cooling fan is designed for quiet and rapid heat dissipation, has medium-pressure capabilities, displays non-overloading absorbed power characteristics and is available in nine sizes that can produce airflows to 20,000 cfm. Custom mounting arms and special designs are available for most applications, and the unit incorporates standard NEMA motors so that the fans can be connected to independent control systems. (MNC by Continental Fan Manufacturing)

Wireless I/O transmitter/receiver system features a cast-aluminum enclosure designed to house a transmitter and antenna. A receiver and antenna are included with the packaged system. Features and capabilities include 1-watt transmitter power, an analog signal of 4-20 mA, three contact outputs rated at 120 volts AC @ .05 amps and a range of 600-1,000 ft. with an obstructed line of sight. (XANT by Adalet)

Generator brochure describes several gensets in its 18 pages. Units listed are portables, one to 11 kW; towables, 20 to 200 kW; automatic energy, eight to 25 kW; prime power, emergency standby and peak shaving, 20 to 2,000 kW. They are available as diesel liquid-cooled, gaseous liquid-cooled, industrial liquid-cooled and containerized mobile. (Generator capabilities brochure by Baldor Electric)

Automated dampers range from three to 25 tons and are suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications. The units feature a one-piece galvalnized airfoil blade and stainless steel jamb, as well as sensing tubes and a blade position indicator to determine minimum airflow. (Dampers by Ruskin)

Submersible pumps are designed for removing water from confined areas. The portable two-in. pumps employ double mechanical oil-filled seals, neoprene rubber impellers and internal pump casings and neoprene impeller nuts over cast iron. The three units, respectively, achieve a maximum flow of 73 gal. per min. with a maximum head of 37 ft.; 79 gal. per min. with 40 ft. of maximum head; and 87 gal. per min. with 47 ft. of maximum head. (ST series by Multiquip)

Inline flow switch testers help prevent the effects of microbiologically influenced corrosion by recirculating water within a fire sprinkler system. Each unit includes a key switch, for initiating the system, that may be wired locally or interconnected with other key switches to control multiple systems. (Zonecheck by System Sensor)

HVAC handbook offers almost 50 pages on measuring system performance. The literature covers topics such as measurement instrumentation, along with key features and advantages, and measurement basics. Appendices on performing duct traverses, determining outside air percentage with temperature or CO 2 measurements, density correction and useful calculations are also included. (HVAC Handbook by Alnor)

Toroidal transformers , in capacities from 20 VA to 1,000 VA with standard primary windings for 117-volt/234-volt, 50-60-Hz operation and with any specified secondary winding, are intended for use as motor drives in robotics; as power supplies in testing and measurement instrumentation; as step-down transformers in industrial controls; and in UPS systems. (CUSTARD by Bridgeport Magnetics)

Wall outlet offers recessed mounting of receptacles and when not in use, can be covered for aesthetic and safety considerations. It incorporates a flame retardant polycarbonate compound that exhibits a deflection temperature of 260°F at 264 psi and has a UL-recognized flammability rating of V-0 at 1/16 in. (Infoplate Plus by Entratech Systems)

Vibration switch works directly with BAS and variable-frequency drives to monitor fans, pumps and motors and mounts directly to these units. When the vibration limit is exceeded, the switch activates an alarm in the BAS. It can also be wired for automatic shutdown. (Model 2024 by Balmac)

Aerial snow controller directly controls heaters, only when required, for small areas including facility walkways, steps, ramps and entranceways. The unit can estimate melting completion and performs a self-test, upon the application of power, to verify proper system operation when snow is not falling. (LCD-7UL by Environmental Technology)

AC power monitor is geared toward energy panel metering, energy sub-metering, cost allocation and load profiling, allowing manufacturers to gather power and energy information to distribute to a central control system for analysis and energy optimization. It continuously measures power and energy parameters of three-phase power lines. (MiniPowermonitor by Allen-Bradley)

Wireless I/O for industrial applications enables monitoring and control at low point count remote sites and uses the MODBUS and Allen-Bradley DF1 protocols. Each transceiver is a master, slave and store-and-forward repeater/slave all in one. The units can perform across wide temperature ranges, accept a broad range of DC voltages and can withstand ISM band interference. (RS series by Phoenix Contact)