New Products – 2007-12-01

Generator protection system is designed to protect and control medium to large AC generators. The device allows the monitoring of instabilities in the power systems and sees how instabilities are affecting the points of generation. The device exceeds the IEEE C37.118 standard for measurement devices and the device updates every 16.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 1, 2007

Generator protection system is designed to protect and control medium to large AC generators. The device allows the monitoring of instabilities in the power systems and sees how instabilities are affecting the points of generation. The device exceeds the IEEE C37.118 standard for measurement devices and the device updates every 16.67 ms, which provides a millisecond recording of power system disturbances. The device supports the accumulated over/under frequency protection that monitors the amount of time a generator has been running at off-nominal frequencies and then triggers alarms. The device allows for integration of generator information into new or existing DCS or SCADA system.

GEMultilin Circle 451

Spring contact with a single pole is vibration-resistant and allows for a solder-less termination. The device allows the connection of pinned components and individual solid wires ranging in size from 14 to 18 AWG, or standard wires with ferrules. The device also can withstand soldering temperatures as high as 290°C for 90 seconds and the device covers only 3.5 sq. mm.

RIA Connect Circle 452

Dual-pole power clip connector is designed as a low cost interconnection between two perpendicular power bus bars. The connectors are designed for mating to a two-pole laminated bus bar or double-sided PSB tab, allowing for feed and return with one single socket. The device has no mating connector, as it accepts a solid 0.125-in. or 3-mm thick nickel- or gold-plated rectangular bus bar tab. Often used in N+1 rectifier, power supply and switching power supply applications, the power clips enable the connector to be blind-mated in the deepest racks.

Anderson Power Products Circle 453

Serial control switch relay (SCSR) facilitates remote control and monitoring of circuit breakers, while retaining local control through a manual trip/close handle. An addressable network device with certified DNP 3.0, the SCSR combines the functions of various other devices and provides remote trip-coil monitoring (single or dual), sequence-of-events reporting, system battery monitoring, and self-diagnostic reporting. Baud rate can range from 1,200 to 19,200. Transient protection meets the standards of IEEE C37.90.1 and IEC 61000-4-4. Switching action is 45-degree spring return to normal. Mounting can be panel or 3-hole.

Electroswitch Circle 454

UPS systems are pure sine-wave output, line—interactive and are available in 600, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 VA tower and 19-in. rack-mount models. The systems feature fully digitized, microprocessor—controlled automatic voltage regulation (AVR) at 50/60 Hz and use hot swappable, user—replaceable batteries. With RS—232, USB, and accessory—card communications slots, the series uses a management and monitoring software, capable of interfacing with all major operating system platforms.

GE Consumer & Industrial Circle 455

UPS models have several new features including higher power factor (0.8), extended range automatic voltage regulation (AVR), improved battery management and built-in emergency power off (EPO) port. In addition, the unit ships with 4-post mounting rails and easily convert from a tower to a rack configuration. These units supply reliable, network-grade power making them suitable for servers and voice and data networks. The new units replace the manufacturer’s legacy 5000 VA models.

APC/MGE Circle 456

Ground fault sensing module functions independently with a magnetic branch circuit breaker and monitors the electrical circuit by using an external differential current transformer. The line of sensing modules is rated from 1 amp to 15 amps. with circuit-carrying conductors from 1 to 3 poles. The line comes with an automatic or manual safe-start reset feature and when mounted the enclosure achieves a UL NEMA 4X rating and is UL 1053 compliant.

GFCI Solution by Bryant Circle 457

Digital multi-measurement product line measures and monitors the electrical values primarily on switchboards, while providing energy metering and management. The device offers data access via pushbuttons, which allow users to reach any measurement without having to press any button more than four times. A backlit LCD allows for clear visibility and a ASIC chip ensures accuracy. The device is UL-listed and CSA-certified and comes with retaining clips, terminal blocks and is available in a size of 96 sq. mm.

Ferraz Shawmut Circle 458

Data center solutions include power distribution units, gateway series 1000 cards and remote power panels, allowing information technology managers the ability to optimize power utilization for all levels of power distribution systems in data center. The line features an energy management system and an expansion on the power distribution and communication capabilities.

Powerware Circle 459

Motor protection device directly measures motor current, enabling it to model a motor’s thermal condition and identify excess current. The device is an option for motor overload, phase unbalance and phase failure protection. The device also features a 5:1 full-load ampere range and is available as a stand-alone device with a current range from 0.1 amp to 150 amps and selectable trip class 5, 10, 20 or 30.

Eaton Circle 460

Electrical wiring is color-coded and numbered with wire markers. Each 26-AWG conductor is capable of 125 volts at a maximum of 2 amps and employs a multi-core conductor construction, allowing each conductor to run independently through the cable itself. The construction allows for a tighter bend radius of the cable. The device comes in 14, 20 and 50 pin versions, with lengths ranging from 0.5 m to 10 m.

Phoenix Contact Circle 461

Surge protection device (SPD) provides continuous protection from lightning, temporary over-voltage and other transient voltage activity. Designed to protect the facility as well as the equipment inside, modules can be installed at the building service entrance or anywhere critical equipment is connected. The devices also can be directly connected onto the busbar on the load side of a circuit breaker, eliminating the need to install additional interconnection wires, circuit breakers or fuses, providing low let-through voltages to the equipment.

Raycap Circle 462

Natural-gas-fueled gensets are designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and combined-heat-and- power (CHP) applications. Driven by an electronically controlled, lean-burn gaseous-fueled reciprocating engine, the generator sets were designed to offer a high power density and excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining tight NOx control. They provide flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with a wide range of methane numbers without sacrificing efficiency and performance, and delivers an industry-leading ISO mechanical efficiency of up to 43.5% without water pumps. Gensets can be customized with a wide range of ancillary equipment, components and performance options to create a complete power system.

Caterpillar Circle 463

Earth ground tester is designed to detect reliable ground connections. The tester features a dual backlit display and a hazardous voltage warning. The lightweight device also features a 3-pole fall of potential and 2-pole ground resistance and is capable of capturing values with a single button. The device has automatic noise voltage detection and alerts the user to measurements outside of an adjustable limit setting, and is a tool for contractors, engineers, and ground specialists.

Fluke Circle 464

Mechanical grounding connectors provide a range of uses for pipes, ground rods and wire connections. The connectors will accommodate the most common Class I and Class II lighting and grounding conductors 6 AWG through 4/0.

Harger Lighting and Grounding Circle 465

Twin-pack genset offers a rating of 1,000 kW–1 MW. Using onboard paralleling technology, the power is produced by two 500-kW gensets operating within a single, sound attenuated enclosure. The new model takes the place of 600- and 750-kW gensets that were introduced in 2002. The platform is powered by a pair of 16-liter Volvo six cylinder in-line Tier II diesel engines (compliant through January 2011), each one powering a 500-kW alternator at 1800 rpm.

Generac Circle 466

Rental Power unit is rated 1,000 kW and certified to meet EPA Tier 2 emissions standards. The unit is designed to provide temporary power for construction and emergency power for commercial buildings, industrial plants and public works facilities. Its enhanced performance features include low emissions, increased running time, selectable voltages and easy operator access for maintainability. One model of the trailerized unit is available that allows quick voltage changes from 208 volts AC to 480 volts AC to maximize flexibility. A separate 600 volt AC model is also available.

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Industrial-Grade UPS models, rated from 1.5 kVA to 3 kVA, provide users with battery monitoring and replacement notification, as well as hot-swappable battery packs. Designed for use in rugged and extreme environments, the systems feature slide-out battery packs that are replaced through the UPS front panel, without having to remove the UPS from the equipment rack, eliminating the handling of individual batteries and the associated wiring hassles.

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