New Products – 2007-04-01

Busway provides modular, overhead, build-as-you-go. It supplies more power to larger machine tools such as welders, soldering equipment, heaters and chillers. Installed above computer cabinets, the busway eliminates the need for costly raised floors. It also makes air handling for cooling systems more effective by eliminating under-floor cable whips.

By Staff April 1, 2007

Busway provides modular, overhead, build-as-you-go. It supplies more power to larger machine tools such as welders, soldering equipment, heaters and chillers. Installed above computer cabinets, the busway eliminates the need for costly raised floors. It also makes air handling for cooling systems more effective by eliminating under-floor cable whips. The model offers a continuous plug-in track, which allows for higher densities of plugs than conventional bus duct systems. It provides 400 amps and 100% continuous duty power and has a 22,000 amp short circuit rating and 600 volts AC and DC. (B400 Amp Series by Universal Electric Corp.) Input #1 at

Smoke detector is available in both 2-wire and 4-wire options, with or without fixed 135°F thermal sensors. The photoelectric detector includes a plug-in design that permits pre-wiring, a maintenance protocol that prompts cleaning, drift compensation and green and red LED status indicators. Also included are an infrared sensitivity reader, removal tool and retrofit adapter bracket, and a 2-wire loop test/maintenance module. (i3 by System Sensor) #2

Tankless water heaters are designed for low to medium flow point-of-use applications. The compact models—6.5-in. tall x 7.5-in. wide x 3.25-in. deep—weigh 3.5 lbs. and fit in most places. The body is made from fiberglass-reinforced high-temperature plastic and the housing consists of durable polycarbonate plastic. There are three models in the series, which provide 3-kW, 4-kW or 6-kW power. All models offer an unlimited supply of hot water, heated as it flows through the unit. The heating system is controlled by a water-sensing flow switch. (Mini series water heaters by Stiebel Eltron) #3

Centrifugal backward inclined utility fan is available in six sizes for low cfm, high-pressure applications. The models expand performance capabilities down to 125 cfm with pressure capabilities as high as 5 in. wg. (SWB utility fan by Greenheck) #4

Electrical test kit addresses electrical testing needs for the installation and repair of electrical systems, HVAC equipment and large appliances. The 9.5 in. x 6.8 in. x 2.8 in. kit includes an autoranging digital multimeter, clamp meter, non-contact voltage detector, set of CAT II 1,000-volt test leads, type K thermocouple bead probe and a type K banana input adaptor” (TK430 by Extech Instruments) #5

Parts kit for cable tray provides supplies for radius tees and 90° turns. Engineers will appreciate the added strength of cable to be safety and easily pulled around turns and at intersections. The kit is designed for large cable bundles or cables with larger diameters and contains two radius splices plus necessary hardware. The kit fits all CF trays, except a G tray, and is available in 2-in. and 4-in. heights. (RADT90 by Cablofil) #6

Navigational tool for firefighters and other emergency responders is available. The tool is a PC-based touchscreen that graphically displays critical information on the origin and spread of fires. It features an interactive display that summarizes building floor plans with the locations of fire alarms, water supplies, evacuation routes, access routes, fire barriers, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs, as well as chemical and structural hazards in the building. (Onyx FirstVision by Notifier) #7

Environmental Rack Monitor provides IT and facilities managers with around-the-clock monitoring of environmental conditions at the rack level. The monitor is ideal for protecting critical data center assets from heat, humidity, smoke, water leaks, cabinet intrusion and other environmental conditions. The primary application is high-density data centers, but it also monitors conditions in laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, museums and other indoor locations where environmental conditions must be maintained within acceptable levels. It measures temperature and humidity at two locations in a rack and the status of as many as four additional input contact sensors. The model features a built-in web server that is accessible through a standard web browser. (Powerware Environmental Rack Monitor by Eaton Corp.) #8

Wireless sensor product line allows wireless sensors to be used as alternatives in retrofit and new construction projects. For system integrators, cost savings are realized immediately as wire and conduit are eliminated and installation and commissioning time is reduced from days to hours. (Wireless sensors by Spinwave Systems) #9

Showerhead brochure highlights 2.0 gpm models that conserve 20% more water than 2.5 gpm showerheads. The brochure says the showerheads feature a self-cleaning action that eliminates clogging particles, such as sand, after each use. The showerheads also have pressure-compensating flow control for full flow at low pressures. Models range from vandal resistant styles to types for commercial applications such as hotel rooms. (Act-O-Matic by Sloan Valve Co.) #10

Water heater and boiler brochures announce enhancements to the product lines. The brochures describe advances including expanded burner modulations, standard internal cascading sequencer and control upgrades for installation. The guides also describe features and intelligent designs that have been in place for more than 20 years, such as a gasketless copper-finned tube heat exchanger that delivers 97% thermal efficiency. (Power-Fin by Lochinvar Corp.) #11

Spiral sheet metal duct system features fittings with factory-installed double-lipped EPDM rubber gaskets that meet SMACNA and ASHRAE’s air leakage class 3 guidelines. The installed cost of the system is said to be about 30% less than traditional HVAC ductwork. The manufacturer also offers a 10-year leakage guarantee on the product. The duct system includes an insulated round duct with an interior retention system that keeps fiberglass out of the airstream while delivering consistent sound attenuation and K-values. (Safe from Lindab Inc.) #12

Sunshades reduce solar heat gain by shading vision glass areas while allowing natural daylighting. These sunshades lower building cooling costs and energy use attributed to air condition. In addition, the model contributes to USGBC LEED program points, specifically for reducing building energy costs for cooling while supplementing interior lighting. Three outrigger types with corresponding louver styles and facia caps are available: airfoil, blade and tubular. Each type may be extended from the building in projections of 20 in., 25 in., 30 in. and 35 in. (MaxBlock Sunshades by Tubelite Inc.) #13

Thermal imaging camera monitors conditions of electrical and mechanical systems and building diagnostics. The camera is ergonomically designed, handheld, light and compact. It features a 160 x 120 uncooled microbolometer array, which produces high-resolution real-time images that are displayed on a 3.5-in. color LCD with LED backlight. As many as 1,000 images can be stored for recall and analysis, and images also can be downloaded to a PC from the supplied SD card or USC connection in use with included software. (HSI3000 by Wahl Instruments) #14

Water measurement system provides accurate turbidity measurement for drinking water applications. The system feature a 135 ml chamber requiring Fromazin to perform EPA calibrations. The model delivers measurements over communication networks including DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, Rockwell DF-1, USB, RS-232 and RS-485. The unit also provides a display and relay outputs for local operations. The sensor body includes an integrated 24-bit analog to digital converter, which automatically detects sensor head type. (Digital drinking water turbidity water measurement system by AquaSensors) #15

Electrical testers feature three AC/DC voltage detection indicators for light, sound and vibration. The testers feature a hazardous warning light and are capable of detecting voltage even when the battery is dead. The models also feature GFCI trip capability, built-in flashlights, continuity beeper and heavy-duty test leads and probes. (T+ and T+PRO by Fluke Corp.) #16