New Products – 2005-09-01

Power meter now features the ability to provide an Energy KYZ pulse and to be powered from a 24–48 volt DC power source. Unit is now appropriate for additional applications, such as low-voltage switchgear and telecom equipment. KYZ pulses are proportional to the amount of positive energy consumed, enabling energy verification, sub-metering and PLC control applications.

By Staff September 1, 2005

Power meter now features the ability to provide an Energy KYZ pulse and to be powered from a 24—48 volt DC power source. Unit is now appropriate for additional applications, such as low-voltage switchgear and telecom equipment. KYZ pulses are proportional to the amount of positive energy consumed, enabling energy verification, sub-metering and PLC control applications.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech Circle 451

Power supplies are designed as high-density AC-DC distributed bulk power front-end units, and feature a 12-volt DC main output and a 3.3-volt DC standby output, increasing available power over the manufacturer’s other offerings to 650 watts. The unit also incorporates full RoHS compliance and meets tantalum cap-free requirements. Applications include high-density server installations, as well as datacom, data storage, medical and industrial uses.

Astec Power Circle 452

Line voltage regulators are featured in manufacturer’s brochure that is available in both print and PDF formats. Products are available for applications ranging from single-phase 15 to 150 kVA and three phase 15 to 450 kVA and are suitable for industrial and commercial facilities, computer rooms, data centers and test labs.

Controlled Power Circle 453

Arc extinguishing system is designed to reduce danger of arcing faults in medium-voltage switchgear. Device uses high-speed sensing of current and flash to extinguish arcs in less than 0.004 seconds, before pressure can reach dangerous levels. Sensors help preclude nuisance tripping. Units can be installed into manufacturer’s own switchgear or retrofitted into other maker’s equipment and can protect up to 10 breakers each.

Square D Services Circle 454

Firmware upgrade for power-quality analyzer is now available for free via manufacturer’s website. Upgrade includes new programmable ratios for metering and high-voltage applications using secondary CTs and PTs. New shortcuts and an improved warning-message system are included, along with setup screens in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

Fluke Corporation Circle 455

AC digital clamp meter can be switched between multi-core and single-core operation using a single button. Unit is appropriate for general electrical-equipment maintenance work, portable appliance testing and in commissioning operations. Backlit display and lightweight clamphead enables easier access in awkward locations. The meter accepts supply frequencies of 45 Hz to 400 Hz and has a battery life of about 180 hours.

Megger Circle 456

Main-breaker load panels are designed for light-commercial applications and allow user to feed power from a portable generator to the entire load center and manually select which circuits to supply during a power outage. Panels include mechanically interlocked generator and utility breakers that allow power from a single source only, to prevent backfeeding. Units can be installed at time of construction, prior to generator purchase, to enable future generator use.

Gen-Tran Corporation Circle 457

Infrastructure rack incorporates power distribution, switches, keyboard and monitor into a single product and is available in both high-voltage and low-voltage configurations. This arrangement ensures all required components are included in the order and provides savings up to 30% over ordering individual parts separately.

Hewlett Packard Circle 458

Filter is designed to limit peak voltage, increase voltage rise time and reduce common mode current by at least 30%. Units are intended to be placed at motor drive’s output, providing protection for cable runs as well. The filter’s added inductance also helps reduce motor heating, noise and vibration by reducing system’s current harmonics.

TCI Circle 459

New UPS offerings are available for small- to medium-sized office protection, with smaller units supporting loads of 350 VA to 700 VA and larger units handling loads of 1,000 VA to 1,500 VA. Both designs deliver short-term mobile power and support start-on-battery needs. Units include eight outlets, four with surge protection and battery back-up and four with surge protection only. Small device footprints are intended to enable flexible positioning.

Eaton Corporation Circle 460

Natural-gas-fueled generator sets are designed for high efficiency and long service life in applications using low-energy fuels, including landfill, digester and coal-seam gas. Electronically controlled, 20-cylinder, lean-burn engines are available in 60 Hz and 50 Hz configurations and feature power densities up to 100 kW per cylinder. Stainless steel aftercooler cores help resist corrosion. SCADA-compatible controls enable automatic regulation of ignition, engine governing and air/fuel ratio.

Caterpillar Inc. Circle 461

TVSS features patented, thermally protected MOV that does not require additional overcurrent protection. Units are designed to be finger-safe and to mount easily on a DIN rail at points of use for overvoltage protection in industrial power applications. Applications include AC/DC power distribution, high-voltage power supplies, telecom equipment and electronic motor controllers and starters.

Ferraz Shawmut Circle 462

Modular, parallel surge suppressor is designed for low clamp, ease of service and upgradeability and provides enhanced diagnostics. Standard, user-friendly digital readout features touch-pad interface and includes a surge counter, audible alarm and dry contacts. NEMA 4 enclosure is designed for surface mounting.

LEA International Circle 463

LED ground-fault receptacle cycles through a complete functional test when the test button is pushed, and returns a flashing red LED light if protection is compromised. “Convenience power” is provided at the receptacle face while device is out of service and waiting replacement. Mis-wire protection blocks power at the face or downstream loads if unit is improperly wired.

Bryant Electric Circle 464

Indicating Fuses help reduce downtime by enabling the electrical troubleshooter to quickly identify a possible opened fuse and get the system up and running as quickly as possible. The fuses offer a clear black-and-white indication of a blown fuse. Arc-flash hazard can also be reduced because the current-limiting capability feature.

Cooper Bussman Circle 465

Portable power distribution center is available in two new models for applications where GFCI protection is not needed for every connection. UL-listed for outdoor use, the product line is fully OSHA-compliant and suitable for a wide range of temporary power distribution applications. The unit offers seven weather-resistant receptacles, a clear porthole for easy viewing of the “trip” status of circuit breakers, and a weather-resistant 50-amp power cord available in either 50-ft. or 100-ft. length.

Leviton Mfg. Circle 466

Filtered electrical power connectors are said to offer superior high-frequency attenuation that prevents radio frequency emission, protecting sensitive computers as well as switching and cellular equipment. Male filtered connector provides EMC performance to beyond 10GHz. The integral feed-through capacitor construction incorporates extremely low series inductance, ensuring that the self-resonant frequency is very high.

Anderson Power Products Circle 467

Single-phase online UPS is designed to protect connected equipment over a wide input voltage range at an affordable price. Double-conversion technology helps provide a steady sinewave to downstream connections. Battery-management system monitors status and recharges batteries as needed. Units are available in 1 kVA, 2 kVA and 3 kVA capacities, all with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Staco Energy Products Co. Circle 468

Power strips bring advanced control and visibility to rack-level power distribution. Available in multiple configurations, the units provide a choice of capacities, number of receptacles and monitoring and control capabilities to manage multi-server racks with power requirements that are changing frequently. Internally connect output receptacles to the power bus via PCB design provides enhanced reliability.

Emerson Network Power Circle 469

Online 5 kVA and 6 kVA UPS systems feature galvanically isolated input of 120 or 230 volts AC and outputs of 208/220/230/240 volts AC. Input galvanic isolation helps provide an extra layer of protection for sensitive equipment, to protect against localized, high-level power-pollution problems, fast high-voltage transients and other problems. Standard features include input power-factor correction, wide input-voltage window, tight voltage regulation, auto restart and multi-stage surge protection.

Falcon Electric Circle 470

Clamp meters are available in 1,000-amp and 800-amp models, featuring built-in, non-contact infrared thermometer with laser pointer to monitor motor and electrical-device temperatures and locate hot spots. LCD display designed to enable reading in dim light, with measurements including resistance, capacitance, frequency and continuity. Products include models for true RMS metering, with these models featuring a Type K bead wire probe for measuring temperature.

Extech Instruments Circle 471