New Products – 2003-09-01

RACK- AND POWER-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE provides control of multiple devices in data centers, where multiple users access and manage computer hardware both locally and remotely. Users can schedule system shutdowns, control power-failure settings and define UPS load segments, as well as configure redundant UPS units and system event-handling procedures.

By Staff September 1, 2003

RACK- AND POWER-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE provides control of multiple devices in data centers, where multiple users access and manage computer hardware both locally and remotely. Users can schedule system shutdowns, control power-failure settings and define UPS load segments, as well as configure redundant UPS units and system event-handling procedures.

Hewlett Packard

TVSS systems are designed for applications ranging from 60 kA to 600 kA per phase, from service entrance to individual branch panels. Units in the new line incorporate MOV technology and are available for quick shipment.


INTEGRATED SUBSTATION SYSTEM allows for remote monitoring and control of electrical substations and their devices. Units provide automatic event report collection, settings management and event report-analysis software, with notification via pager, email and voice annunciation. Also communicates with substation devices, such as weather stations and equipment monitors.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

REVENUE METERS now include instrument transformer correction capability to increase energy-reading accuracy beyond the meter. Feature incorporates programmable correction factors for ratio and phase angle of many commonly used current and potential transformers. Firmware upgrades for existing units are available.

Power Measurement

OFFLINE UPS SYSTEM is designed for desktop computer applications and is available in 350-VA and 500-VA sizes. Features include a minimum of three minutes battery backup at full load, integrated surge protection and data-line protection. In outages exceeding battery backup, units initiate a controlled shutdown via USB connections, using Windows 2000 or Macintosh OS X built-in power management functions.

Liebert Corporation

SURGE SUPPRESSORS protect AC power circuits and are designed for installation at main service entrances, distribution panels and subpanels. Units are MOV-based and are available in voltages ranging from 120/240 volts AC, split-phase, to 277/480 volts AC, 3-phase.

United Power

NON-CONTACT HIGH-VOLTAGE DETECTOR picks up the presence of high voltages, in a range of 80 volts to 275 kV, without requiring physical contact. User selects detection range with rotary switch. Audible and visual indicators warn operators of live conductors. A universal spline allows attachment to standard hot sticks.

AEMC Instruments

GROUND ROD CLAMPS are made from corrosion-resistant bronze or optional tin-plating. Listed approved uses include UL and C-UL 467 Grounding & Bonding and Direct Burial, in earth or concrete on copper ground rods or pipes.

Penn-Union Corp.

CIRCUIT-BREAKER ANALYZER SYSTEM allows testing and analyzing high-voltage circuit breakers. Modular design configures to site-specific input and output requirements, with built-in computer-aided breaker analysis software. Optional features allow users to create downloadable breaker-specific test plans for onsite execution. Contact timing channels read main and resistor contact as well as linear pre-insertion resistance.

GE Power Systems

ENERGY-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE helps users analyze and address energy-related issues. Allows tracking of energy use, cost and power quality, and provides load-profiling, cost-allocation and billing information. Data is available in both real-time and historical formats, with reporting and trending capabilities. Software runs on Windows 2000 servers, using .Net and XML Web-services technologies.

Rockwell Automation

PARALLELING SWITCHGEAR feature built-in redundancy. Controls are accessible through both built-in graphic interface and remote Web browsers. Built-in turnkey operations can be field configured and modified, and units are adaptable to existing systems to address multiple engine-generator configurations.

GE Zenith Controls

POWER METER displays current and voltage information on all three electrical phases plus neutral at one time. Visible in extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles. Logging functions, such as real-time trend plots, averages and demand metering, are backed by memory that ranges from 80k to 800k. Units also can forecast power usage to aid power-management programs.

Square D/Schneider Electric

HIGH-VOLTAGE JUNCTION BOXES feature a single-door style, with clamps, and are available in stainless steel and polyester powder-coated carbon steel. Boxes are intended for equipment that will not generate arcs or sparks during normal operation and in which surface temperatures are controlled below incendive values.


CD-ROM CATALOG highlights manufacturer’s power-transmission equipment, including motors, gearmotors, planetary gearmotors, variable-speed drives and hydrostatic drives. CD also helps design engineers select appropriate products for particular applications.

Bonfiglioli USA

GENERATOR SET ENCLOSURES are designed for the manufacturer’s line of 230-kW to 500-kW generator sets, providing weather-protective and sound-attenuated design. Units feature all-steel construction, stainless-steel hardware, lockable access doors and side-mounted generator controls. Options include two levels of sound attenuation, motorized louvers and pre-wired AC distribution panels.

Cummins Power Generation

ELECTRONIC METER is designed for basic voltage- and current-monitoring applications. Unit has programmable voltage and current transformer ratios, and displays three-phase volts and amps using a three-line LED display. Product fits standard ANSI 100-mm circular cutouts for both new installations and retrofits.


PORTABLE CLAMP-ON POWER METER features a compact design in models that range from 50 amps to 1000-3000 amps. Units incorporate backlit LCD displays and can store up to one year of data in 30-min. intervals. It includes PC software and memory is compatible with compact flash memory cards.


RELAY is designed to protect, monitor and control two-winding transformers, and includes comprehensive voltage and frequency protection. Features include selectable transformer-wiring configuration, selective tripping and breaker-health monitoring.

Software allows customized programming of units through a graphical interface.

Cooper Power Systems

UPS BATTERY SYSTEM provides fully-charged spare batteries for onsite UPS installations. Batteries are matched to user’s UPS and come with built-in 12-volt DC charger, so charged batteries are always available. Chargers are powered by standard 120-volt AC outlets and are equipped with casters.

MGE UPS Systems

GENERATOR SET is natural-gas and designed for extended-duty operations in both island and grid-parallel applications. Reciprocating engines are available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder configurations, with ratings up to 2.1 MW and up to 43.5% mechanical efficiency. Control system allows management of major functions, including safety shutdowns and self-diagnostics.


ADJUSTABLE LOAD BANKS feature solid-state control elements to allow users to test generators and power supplies in infinitely variable steps. Allows simulation of actual operating conditions, with data logging to aid preventive maintenance efforts as well as NFPA 70, NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 test requirements for emergency power systems.

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