New Products – 2003-03-01

VACUUM SWITCHGEAR can be used in interior, exterior and submersible applications. It is smaller and lighter than traditional oil-based models and can be mounted in any position on walls, floors and ceilings. Insulating medium is a nonflammable gas, eliminating the need for special building requirements such as vaults or liquid containment.

By Staff March 1, 2003

VACUUM SWITCHGEAR can be used in interior, exterior and submersible applications. It is smaller and lighter than traditional oil-based models and can be mounted in any position on walls, floors and ceilings. Insulating medium is a nonflammable gas, eliminating the need for special building requirements such as vaults or liquid containment.

Cooper Power Systems

TRANSFER SWITCH SYSTEMS are prewired and expandable in the field up to 16 circuits. Designed for generators from 5,000 to 15,000 watts, with manual systems available in 6-, 10- or 12-circuit configurations, each system includes branch circuit breakers and mechanically interlocked main breakers.

Gen/Tran Corp

TERMINAL BLOCK SYSTEM is DIN-rail mounted, with a modular design for wiring-labor savings. The system’s design eliminates the need for wire stripping, screw and spring clamps, wire ferrules and other accessories. Modules come in 3- and 10-position feed-through and disconnect versions. Units’ 3-point insulation displacement connection is gas tight and vibration resistant.


FILTRATION SETS help protect diesel generator engines by removing water, suspended rust, dirt and other contaminants from fuel supplies. The sets provide automatic cycling for continuous fuel maintenance and particulate removal down to 2 microns. System sizes range from 180 to 1,200 gals. per hr.

Preferred Utilities

VOLTAGE TESTER incorporates 200-amp clamp/multimeter with true RMS and capacitance output, and a backlit screen. Provides non-contact measurement and harmonics-testing capability.


POWER-MONITORING SYSTEM captures power quality and reliability data using the company’s low-cost power monitors and transmits it to a password-protected website, allowing managers easy access to a range of power information.

Soft Switching Technologies

STANDOFFS AND ANGLE ADAPTORS are designed for stainless-steel down conductors in lightning-protection systems. The standoff allows for attachment of down conductors to round tower members, while the angle adaptor is intended for flat steel or angle members. The stainless-steel cable clamp is appropriate for any type of wire.

Harger Lightning & Grounding

GENERATOR SETS are natural-gas fueled and designed for extended-duty, distributed-generation service in both island mode and grid-parallel operations. Units can deliver up to 43.5% mechanical efficiency. Power-density ratings reach to 105 kW per cylinder, and units are available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder configurations.


UPS SYSTEMS are designed to meet high-availability requirements and feature a modular “N+x” parallel-redundant architecture, with four 3-kVA modules running in parallel. Both logic and electronics are housed in the individual modules, and units feature hot-swappable lead-tin batteries. Units are rack mounted.

Hewlett-Packard Company

GASOLINE-ENGINE DRIVE provides 480-volts AC, with 11-kW, 3-phase and 10-kW single-phase power capabilities. Appropriate as backup to run pumps and conveyors, as well as for job-site welders and plasma cutters. Drive is covered by three-year factory warranty.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

GENERATOR CONTROL SYSTEM incorporates a multiple-mode architecture that allows users to change operating modes without adding significant components, and is appropriate for generated voltages of 120/208 volts through 15kV. Space-saving design also provides gateway capability, allowing monitoring from RTDs, thermocouples or analog transducers.


BATTERY SYSTEM combines an enhanced cell design with an integral racking system for applications requiring large-capacity, valve-regulated batteries. System design enables flexible configuration and easy access, and batteries do not have to be removed from modules during installation. A clear, flame-retardant safety shield allows for easy visual inspection.

Enersys Inc.

SURGE PROTECTORS guard HUBs, 100BASE-T, 10 BASE-T, 10 BASE-T2, token rings, patch panels, routers and telco systems from induced transients that can result from crowded wiring rooms and network centers. Incoming network cables are routed through the rack-mounted units prior to entry into HUB’s I/O ports. Reaction time is less than one nanosecond, with auto reset after transient has passed.

MCG Surge Protection

UPS SYSTEM product line includes units ranging from 10 kVA to 150 kVA, for use in a range of applications. Double-conversion design offers true online voltage and frequency-independent operation along with front service access, enhanced cooling, an integrated input filter and automatic start-up procedures.

GE Digital Energy

UPS LINE now features two new models. A double-conversion design protects mission-critical, power-sensitive applications. Units feature wide input-voltage tolerance and less than 3% harmonic distortion in output. A second model features a line-interactive, tap-change technology to mitigate sags and swells without requiring backup battery power.


DIESEL GENERATOR SET provides up to 2.7 MW of power and meets EPA Tier 1 off-road emissions standards for NOx and particulates, applicable until 2006. Option low-emissions configuration may allow for longer annual operation, depending on local emissions regulations. Models are available for 60 Hz or 50 Hz operation, and can be enclosed in standard ISO high-cube configuration container.

Cummins Power Generation

ELECTRONIC GUIDEBOOK in CD-ROM format provides generator-set sizing software, power-systems specification-writing aids and submittal literature for the company’s generator equipment. Specification software allows quick generation of equipment specs as Microsoft Word documents. Submittal drawings are accessed via Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Kohler Power Systems

MAINTENANCE PLAN provides for onsite calibration of several of the company’s voltage test and measurement products. The Direct Voltage Maintenance Program allows metrologists to conduct onsite calibration procedures, while the company maintains the procedure and historical data, eliminating need for offsite-laboratory calibration.


CLAMP-ON CURRENT TRANSFORMER measures current commonly found in factory and office distribution wiring. The 200-amp units provide frequency response of up to 10 kHz for ease in measuring harmonics and are accurate to 1% of reading. Cables up to 3/4-in. can be accommodated.

Reliable Power Meters

RACK-MOUNT UPS in 750-VA and 1,000-VA models provides power-protection for rack-mounted servers. Units feature USB and serial connectivity, which allows remote system shutdown and UPS management. Built-in expansion slots accommodate network-management cards allowing remote configuration and control.

American Power Conversion

POWER SUPPLIES provide universal 24-volt supply, with output currents of 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 amps. Units accommodate a wide range of AC and DC voltage ranges, and continue to provide full output with supply failures up to 20 ms. An isolated relay contact and active-transistor switching output provide preventive function-monitoring capabilities.

Phoenix Contact

BATTERY-MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been upgraded to enable a wider range of cell configurations and can accommodate battery systems from 12 volts to 480 volts. Improved software and communications allow up to three RS232 ports and use of TCP/IP, RS485 and MODBUS protocols. Time-remaining feature monitors power status during battery discharge.

Solidstate Controls Inc.

SCADA system is Web-enabled to provide control and reporting for the company’s automatic transfer switches through standard browsers, along with e-mail alarming. Allow periodic testing of switch operations remotely, providing real-time control, data acquisition and trend reporting. Power-monitoring capability can aid peak-shaving and other energy-management efforts.


LOAD BANK is managed by a digital controller, allowing for greater application flexibility. The load bank receives a linear, proportional output, translated from the operator interface. Features also include remote communications and control, along with real-time data output.

Post Glover

LOAD-PROFILING METER is enhanced to include kW and kVAR load profiling, more alarming and control options, net-metering capability and a third channel for storing kVAR data in its interval data readings. Units are available in a range of standard three-phase delta and wye voltage and current ranges, and can store up to 36 days of data collected in 15-minute intervals, or 12 days of data collected in 5-minute intervals.


UPS SOFTWARE allows secure remote management of UPS units incorporating the company’s XML-based cards. Interface is through standard browsers and provides users with real-time operation status, monitoring up to 250 servers. Administrators can establish power alarms and automatic actions, including PC and server shutdowns and reboots in outage situations.

MGE UPS Systems

WEB SERVER is designed for local or enterprise-wide power monitoring in commercial and industrial facilities. Unit connects up 64 compatible devices. Through a standard browser interface, users can access data such as tables, bar charts, historical trends and waveforms. Optional touch-screen displays are available for local-equipment installation.

Square D/Schneider

INSULATION TESTER provides full-function, automatic-report capability to up to 5,000 volts. RS-232 interface and installed memory allows results to be stored in device-specific files. Standard software provides for display of test results and graphs. Units also can be fully programmed and controlled by PC.

AEMC Instruments

RACK-MOUNTED UPS is a 208-volt, 5-kVA module that allows users to manually transfer connected equipment to utility power via a maintenance bypass switch. Designed for use with rack-mount process controls, industrial computers, servers, communications equipment such as hubs and routers and other high-availability switching equipment, another model is available for utility applications.

AEMC Instruments

From Pure Power, Spring 2003