New Product for HVAC and BAS

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 23, 2005

Wireless BAS is based on proven mesh topology. Wireless field level networks are ready to provide facility builders, owners and managers increased occupant comfort, greater flexibility, and optimized, efficient control of HVAC systems. Mesh topology field level network is said to be inherently self-healing, so users won’t have to worry about losing communication with control devices across the system. For more about Wireless Apogee from Siemens Building Technologies, click here .

Data Logger provides early detection of mold growth conditions. The logger performs 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity, and uses Windows-based software to convert the recorded data into time- and date-stamped graphs. It features a direct-USB PC interface for high-speed data offload, and a user-replaceable lithium battery that provides reliable operation for up to one year. For more about the HOBO U10 from Onset, click here .

Grease duct eliminates on-site welding, lowers labor costs and takes up less space compared to conventional welded ducts. The system permits zero clearance between the duct and combustibles because of its high-performance insulating characteristics and its integral fire-rated chase. The grease duct dovetails with the ongoing shift in commercial construction toward factory-built components that can be easily and quickly assembled at the job site. For more on ZeroClear from Selkirk, click here .

Fume hood controller provides performance in fume hood safety through dual sensor technology. A position sensor monitors the position of the sash and immediately modulates the venturi valve or exhaust damper to maintain safe face velocity in the hood whenever the sash is moved. Meanwhile, an airflow sensor continuously monitors actual fume hood face velocity to intelligently account for disturbances that may cause a loss of containment around the fume hood when the sash has not moved. For more about HMS-1600D from Triatek, click here .