New Process for Proposed Changes to NFPA Documents

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 2, 2005

Beginning with the Fall 2005 revision cycle, proposed National Fire Protection Assn. documents will be presented for action at the applicable Annual (June) Association Technical Meeting

The due date for the Fall 2005 Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) is November 10, 2005 .

  • Read more about the ROP/ROC/NITMAM process

  • Download the “Notice of Intent to Make a Motion” form

    • View the list of documents in the Fall 2005 cycle

    • View the list of documents reporting at the June 2006

Further information on these changes (including the

  • Special Notice on NFPA Regulations and Procedures (27 KB)

  • View the changes to the Regulations Governing Committee Projects and Convention Rules

  • Read a memo about these changes (14 KB)

  • Read the May/June 2004 NFPA Journal

For more information, contact NFPA’s Standards Administration office .