N.Y.C. team wins ACE design competition

A team from New York City won the Third Annual Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program design award.

By Source: ACE Mentor.org May 20, 2009

Officials from the Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT)

and the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program of

America announced the winners of the 3rdDesign Competition. The

competition was held on April 27 in Washington

D.C. as part of the CIRT annual

spring conference.

Students were given the task of designing a modular

education pavilion, a cultural arts/theater center, a London 2012 Olympic

Stadium, or a redesign of the White House. Teams were from more than 20 ACE

programs from around the United

States and sustainable design was a key


First place was awarded to the ACE New York City “Team 8” for its Cullian III

London 2012 Olympic Stadium. Second place was awarded to the ACE Nashville program for its

Modular Education Pavilion. Third place was awarded to ACE of Hawaii for its Pacific Performing Arts


Judges for the competition were: Mark Casso, president, CIRT,

Washington D.C.;

Linda Figg, president, Figg Engineering Group, Tallahassee,

Fla.; Robert Alger, president and CEO, Lane

Construction Corp, Orange, Conn.;

Jim Kenney, president, Kenny Management Services, Northbrook, Ill.;

and Matthew Walsh, CEO, Walsh Group, Chicago.