Multifunction protective relaying system

Distance protection is now available in BE1-11f and BE1-11t versions for feeder and transformer protection applications.

By Basler Electric October 6, 2016

Basler Electric’s BE1-11 multi-function protective relaying system. The BE1-11f includes distance, Volts/Hz and directional power protection and the BE1-11t includes distance, sync-check, and re-closing functions. The distance elements offer protection that’s easy to coordinate when compared with overcurrent elements in the same zone of protection. The Volts/Hz element provides anti-islanding protection in feeder and intertie applications with downstream distributed generation. The sync-check element prevents closing of a breaker when power sources on each side of the breaker are not in sync. The directional power elements detect under/over directional power to control backup/local power generation when tying to the grid may not be desired or permitted. The re-closing element provides automatic re-closing of breakers with multiple timed re-closes. 

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