Modular chiller

ClimaCool modular chiller harnesses both air and water to provide simultaneous heating and cooling without geothermal to eliminate energy waste.

By ClimaCool February 20, 2017

ClimaCool’s Simultaneous modular chiller offers all the benefits of geothermal without the need for geothermal well fields or other source/sinks. It eliminates compromises and offers a new level of design flexibility in how it can be configured and applied. The chiller operates in three modes: cooling, heating, or heat recovery allowing buildings to harness energy already being produced, but not used. Unlike traditional chillers, the modular chiller is designed with separate electric feeds, providing true redundancy so the chiller is never offline, even during routine maintenance. With the separate feeds, individual modules within the chiller bank can be taken offline for servicing, expansion, or replacement, without impacting system performance.