Microsoft opens ‘mega data center’ in Dublin

The software giant has opened its largest data center outside the United States to support its Bing search engine and Azure hosted services.

By Source: Matthew Broersma, BusinessWeek July 7, 2009

Microsoft launched a new data center in Dublin, Ireland, last week, describing it as the largest it has built outside the United States, according to a report by BusinessWeek . The site is what Microsoft calls a "mega data center," a class the company has constructed previously only in the United States. The company plans to open another mega data center in Chicago on July 20, it said in a blog post.

The Dublin facility covers 303,000 sq ft, Arne Josefsberg, general manager of infrastructure services at Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services, wrote in the blog post. It can provide 5.4 MW of power now, expandable to a total of 22.2 MW. The building will be cooled by air economization to take advantage of Ireland’s cool climate and to help reduce its energy usage.

Both new sites are intended to support Microsoft’s online services, including its Azure hosted services and the recently introduced Bing search engine.