Megapress stainless fittings

Viega introduced megapress stainless press fittings with smart connect.

By Viega June 23, 2017

Viega has introduced the megapress stainless press fittings. Designed for iron pipe size (IPS) stainless steel, the new line of megapress stainless fittings makes secure connections in less than seven seconds, which helps keep a project on time or ahead of schedule. They can reduce installation time by up to 60% compared to welding or threading. Combining productivity with peace-of-mind, the megapress stainless fittings are equipped with the patented Viega smart connect feature, which allows installers to easily identify unpressed connections during pressure testing. megapress stainless fittings are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel. The MegaPress stainless offering for IPS is also approved for use with Schedule 10 and Schedule 40 pipe.