Marketing Ideas That Really Work for A/E Firms

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff January 7, 2005

Marketing managers in A/E consulting firms often think that cutting-edge marketing ideas are too risky. “What they’re looking for are tried-and-true marketing ideas that yield results and more project sales,” says Mark Zweig, vice chairman of Natick, Mass.-based ZweigWhite, a management consulting firm that serves the A/E/C community.

Zweig offers some marketing tips that can be implemented immediately and that he’s confident will work:

  • Fill in the blanks in all of your target markets. Identify every organization and every potential buyer or influencer of the buying decision in those organizations and get them into the marketing database.

  • Distribute an electronic press release every week. Collect e-mail addresses of all the editors of every publication the firm would like to appear in. Send these editors a weekly press release quoting the president or another firm principal about trends he or she sees with the clients that the firm serves.

  • Send bimonthly personal letters. All firm principals can take time to send a letter sharing insights gained on recent work, informing clients of new funding sources, and providing clients with new ideas on what’s working with other clients or what similar organizations are doing.

  • Develop a trade show participation schedule. Be seen at the events that are critical to the firm’s positioning in every market the firm serves. Line up every event the firm should participate in and determine who will go to them.

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