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By Source: Fluke Corp. March 30, 2009

Everett, Wash.-based Fluke Corp., a manufacturer of portable electronic test and measurement technology, offers a full-color magazine available free for professionals in the HVAC/R fields.

The latest issue of Fluke HVAC/IAQ News contains 16 pages of current, industry-specific articles and information on improving maintenance practices to reduce costs and save time. There’s a Tech Tips article on the bad ideas homeowners try to save energy–and a companion story on how to do it right. Another story covers the costs of over-ventilation, and a fourth article discusses troubleshooting of direct digital control (DDC) systems. The cover story details how the “ice guys” at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., maintain perfect conditions for hockey players, musicians and their fans.

Fluke News is printed two times a year with new tips, tools, and articles in each issue. In addition to Fluke HVAC/IAQ News, readers can subscribe to Fluke Plant News and Fluke Electrical News. Issues are available on the Fluke website, or in print by subscription.