Los Angeles Medical Center Features Advanced Fire Protection Technology

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 21, 2004

Kaiser Permanente, one of the leading healthcare system in the United States plans to protect its new Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) with advanced fire detection, voice evacuation and smoke purge systems.

Slated to open in 2007, LAMC will have 464 patient rooms, 11 labor and delivery rooms and six cardiac surgery suites. The 912,000-sq.-ft. facility will serve as Kaiser Permanente’s Southern Californian tertiary center for cardiovascular surgery, pediatric intensive care, neurosurgery, spine surgery and high-risk obstetrics.

To help protect the LAMC, a state-of the-art fire safety system will be installed with integrated digital emergency voice evacuation. The advanced technology enables the system to respond to a fire instantaneously, automatically activating alarms and engaging all necessary emergency control operations within three seconds of a detected fire.

The system’s emergency operations capabilities include sprinkler monitoring, fire door closure, elevator capture and interface to the building automation system. Digital voice evacuation capabilities provide for clear distinguishable messages to all sections of the building. The system features an extra-large display screen at the central fire panel to provide critical information to fire fighters.

For more information on fire-protection systems from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., visit www.sbt.siemens.com .