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Engineers looking for actionable information on projects funded by the stimulus bill don't have time to dig and dig and dig for information. So Consulting-Specifying Engineer did it for them.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff April 4, 2009

Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s editor-in-chief, Michael Ivanovich was initially frustrated with the difficulty in finding project-level information about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which is generally referred to as the stimulus bill. Where’s the transparency? Where’s the accountability?

But after playing around with keywords, he persevered and aggregated a useful list of that has the information engineers are looking for. His list includes the usual suspects, such as recovery.gov, but also includes deep links within common sites and hidden gems (like NYSERDA’s site) and the National Clearinghouse for Educational

According to Ivanovich, part of his problem was that he was going to Web sites that he thought should have information on shovel-ready projects, such as the National Association of State Energy Offices and utilities that have rebate-oriented energy efficiency programs, such as Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. "I was thinking ARRA funds targeting energy efficiency would make use of existing program infrastructures, which are expensive and time-consuming to start up. But, either I was wrong, it’s just too soon, or the utilities I looked at

If you are looking for projects funded by the stimulus bill, click here .