LONMARK Launches Professional Certification Program at AHR Expo 2007

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 6, 2007

Lonmark International (LMI), San Jose, Calif., is evolving. “We’re moving out of certification and into educational and training functions,” said Ron Bernstein, executive director, at the organizations annual press conference in conjunction with the AHR Expo in Dallas last week.

With 60 million devices worldwide, 300,000 installed systems, 500 LonMark members and 4,000 OEM developers, Bernstein explained, the LonWorks standard has established a solid presence over the years, and has moved onto the world stage. It is an EN standard in Europe, recently became a Chinese standard, and next year, is planning a worldwide seminar tour.

LMI also announced at the AHR Expo that LonMark Americas (LMA), the North American affiliate of LMI, has launched the first LonMark Certified Professional test designed to establish core competency and proficiency standards for the LON community.

The certification testing program is a natural extension of the multiple requests from the industry to establish a competent, qualified team of professionals worldwide with the same standards. The test is open to any industry professional involved in the design, specification, integration or installation of LON control networks. Those passing the test are designated as LonMark certified professionals and recognized as having the credentials associated with comprehensive LON technology knowledge. The test is designed for network integrators such as HVAC, lighting, security, building automation and controls engineers, consulting engineers, specifiers and facility managers.

“There are many companies claiming to be experts in LON systems, but until now there was no practical way of establishing proficiency,” said Bernstein. “Specifying LonMark certified products and LonMark certified personnel to install them will ensure you get the best possible system and most highly qualified people working on the project.”

The exam is comprehensive covering 12 distinct subject areas, including: LonWorks history and terminology, physical and logical network structuring, installation, communication, LonWorks and IP, and user interfaces. The professional test is the first of several levels of certification that will be offered by LonMark. In the works are an installer level certification and an integrator certification for integration companies.

Test candidates must register online for the certified professional exam at www.lonmark.org/testing .