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By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist April 8, 2013

LED high bay

The LLHP by Columbia Lighting is a premium LED linear high-bay fixture designed for demanding environments like warehouses and manufacturing facilities. It provides up to 98 lumens/W at 70 CRI and has a 50,000-hr life span. The LLHP is made from anodized, extruded aluminum designed to absorb and deflect impact while also acting as a heat sink. The heat sink combines with a cool light engine and aluminum-clad LED driver enclosure to add strength and structural integrity while protecting against heat. The power supply is dual encased for maximum protection. It is available in 4000 or 5000 K with fixed output or 0 to 10 V dimming.

Explosionproof LED luminaires

HazardGard EVLL Explosionproof LED luminaires from Cooper Crouse-Hinds provide energy savings of up to 62% and a rated life of up to 60,000 hours, effectively eliminating the need to frequently replace lamps. Each fixture’s body and mounting module is manufactured from copper-free aluminum with a Corro-free epoxy powder and features a shatter-resistant, explosionproof glass lens. HazardGard EVLL LED luminaires are ideal for locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures. HazardGard EVLL LED luminaires are available in five lumen outputs and in a cool or warm LED color, and come in a variety of sizes.

Industrial LED luminaires

Pro Series Industrial LED Luminaires from Cooper Crouse-Hinds provide users with an operating life of 60,000 hours and provide a 50% and 85% energy savings. Including retrofittable mounting modules, Pro Series Industrial LED Luminaires can be easily included in existing designs. They also include shock- and vibration-resistant solid-state devices without any filament. For added life, heat sinks have been engineered to remove heat from LEDs and driver for better lumen output. Pro Series Industrial LED Luminaires are ideal for industrial applications. Each luminaire carries multiple certifications, including UL1598, UL1598A, cUL, and NEMA 4X.

LED area/site luminaire

The Galleon luminaire by Cooper Lighting is available in nine scalable lumen packages from 8,000 to more than 40,000 delivered lumens. The luminaire can be mounted to a round or square pole in seven different configurations from a single head to up to four fixtures. The Galleon luminaire comes standard with a 4000 K neutral white correlated color temperature (CCT) and a 70 CRI with no sacrifice in lumen performance. Optional 6000 K CCT (70 CRI) and 3000K CCT (80 CRI) are also available. The Galleon LED luminaire offers a 60,000-hr life and efficiencies as high as 95%, making it ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects.

Magnetic LED undercabinet

The Halo HU20 Magnetic LED Undercabinet by Cooper Lighting allows each LED luminaire to connect to the low-voltage track system magnetically. It is designed for task, accent, office, cove, utility, and display lighting. The remote driver is equipped with an integral Hi-Low-Off switch and can be located anywhere along the track system for maximum installation flexibility. Track sections are available in 12-in., 18-in., or 24-in. lengths and can be linked together or cut to fit nearly any application. Each LED luminaire provides 200+ lumens in warm white 3000 K. The system’s high efficacy provides up to 54 lumens/W and is designed to last 50,000 hrs.

LED recessed downlighting system

The Halo ML56 LED Recessed Downlighting System by Cooper Lighting is designed for new construction, remodeling, or retrofit into both 5- and 6-in. standard and shallow recessed housings by Halo, All-Pro, or compatible recessed housings. The available color temperatures include 2700, 3000, 3500, and 4000 K options with either an 80 or 90 CRI option depending on the model selected. The series offers two lumen packages, including the 600 series and 900 series. The 600 series offers up to 708 lumens, and the 900 series produces up to 1010 lumens depending on the trim and color temperature selection.

LED high-bay series

The Metalux HB LED series by Cooper Lighting features precision designed optics that are available in multiple distributions, three lumen packages (9000, 18,000, and 23,000), and two color temperatures (4000 and 5000 K). The HB LED is designed to satisfy multiple mounting heights—even some low-bay applications. The low-power, low-brightness LED module assembly offers exceptional optical performance with the enhanced benefits of LED lighting, including energy savings, extended system life, and a reduced carbon footprint. The HB LED offers 91+ lumens/W and features both general and aisle distributions and has a 55 C ambient rating, and 80+ CRI.

LED directional series

The Cooper Lighting P3LED directional series is a 3-in. aperture LED recessed series and a Zhaga certified luminaire. Developed for demanding commercial and residential applications, the P3LED housing platform combines the flexibility of interchangeable optics with the sustainability of LED. The P3LED has adaptable optical elements that can be modified (trims), which are available in downlight, accent, wall wash, and lens solutions. The P3LED directional series is available in 3000 K CCT, 85 CRI typical, and achieves 70% of initial lumens at 50,000 hrs and delivers over 1,000 lumens.

Smart dimmers

The All Load series of smart dimmers by Cooper Wiring Devices is compatible with 300 W dimmable LED/CFL and 600 W incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, and electronic low-voltage lighting types, allowing users to fine-tune the dimming performance of any fixture. Along with its electromagnetic push pad for on/off controls, all solutions also include a separate dim/bright bar for custom lighting. Additional features include digital circuitry that provides aesthetically pleasing soft-on/fade-off for extended lamp life as well as a programmable rapid start feature that ensures lamp start-up, even at low dim levels.

EPA registered switches, wallplates

The Arrow Hart line of switches and wallplates by Cooper Wiring Devices features EPA registered CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces. The Arrow Hart line of wiring devices with CuVerro touch surfaces material is designed specifically for areas where cleanliness is a concern, killing 99.9% of bacteria within two hours. The line includes single, three-way, and four-way decorator switches as well as specification-grade, standard-size wallplates in multiple gangs and configurations. All products have been tested and are compliant to UL standards and include EPA registered CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces.

Linear LED luminaire

Honeywell’s LED Vapor Tight is IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof. It is designed for indoor and outdoor commercial lighting that requires 24/7 operation, making it useful for hard-to-reach and difficult maintenance areas. The LED Vapor Tight comes in multiple color temperatures for many applications and is built in a solid-state, modular construction with zero mercury. The LED Vapor Tight is designed with polarized end caps for easy, safe installation. It also has a 30-deg directional allocation of lighting for greater coverage. The LED Vapor Tight’s external LED drives for safety, heat dissipation, and longer life provide energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

LED luminaires

The Indy Performance Series 2×2 and 2×4 LED luminaires from the Juno Lighting Group are designed to bring high-performance, aesthetic, LED illumination to commercial spaces. Indy 2×2 and 2×4 LED luminaires provide 25% reduction in energy costs; when combined with lighting controls, they can provide up to a 90% reduction. Indy LEDs offer efficacies over 90 lumens/W and have a service life of 50,000 hrs. The Indy LEDs are available in two optic styles: illusion and lensed. Each provides low-glare illumination and produces up to 3200 lumens from 43 W input. They are available in four color temperatures ranging from 3000 to 5000 K, each with an 80 CRI.

LED downlights

The Indy Performance Series LED downlights from the Juno Lighting Group are designed for commercial-grade new construction, remodel, and retrofit applications. The Indy Performance Series LED downlights provide users with several features including a hyperbolic reflector design that reduces glare effect, a lumen depreciation indicator system that notifies maintenance staff when the LED light engine should be replaced, and chip-on-board light engine technology for high-quality uniform illumination. Additionally, the Indy Performance Series LED downlights provide users with 50,000 hrs of operation while maintaining 70% of their initial luminance. The light engines can also be easily changed out for replacement or future upgrades.

Outdoor LED luminaire

The Altitude LED luminaire by Kim Lighting has a low-profile housing that is proportional and scalable to cover pedestrian/site/roadway environments. The luminaire maximizes the power and performance of Kim’s PicoPrism optics. It provides an advanced thermal management system to maximize life and performance. The LifeShield system actively monitors internal luminaire thermals to preserve diode and driver life in high ambient environments. The Altitude is available with a full range of standard IES distribution types. In addition, neighbor friendly optics virtually eliminates light trespass. It is available in three standard color temperatures: 4000 K, 5000 K, and Amber – 580 nm, and in both 350 and 700 mA drive currents.

LED directional downlights

The A4144 medium beam directional/slope ceiling downlight by Kurt Versen is designed to be MultiSource capable, provided with plug-and-play connectors that allow field conversion to PAR LED, MR-16 metal halide, and other remote phosphor LED sources from below the ceiling. The A4144 primary reflector provides a clean, soft pattern that can be adjusted in the field from a medium distribution to either wide (A4142) or narrow (A4146) by replacing the screw-based reflector. The lower cone is keyed to the LED optical system for precise alignment when aiming. The unique optical system is designed to optimize performance and control brightness for LED lighting.

LED high bay

The I-Beam LED high bay luminaire from Lithonia Lighting is designed to offer illumination and longer life while consuming less energy. Affordable for many high-bay applications such as manufacturing, warehousing, and other large indoor spaces, I-Beam LED luminaires can be integrated with factory-installed digital controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight photocells, or nLight devices, resulting in increased energy savings. IBeam LED high bays come fully capable of dimming down to 10%. Additionally, conduction and natural convection technologies used in the I-Beam LED luminaires maximize cooling, fixture performance, and lumens/W.

Dimmable LED lightbars

MaxLite’s Plug-and-Play Self-Driven, Dimmable LED Lightbars for custom applications are designed with an integral built-in LED driver, using a grounded 3-wire construction. The self-driven luminaires plug right into existing 120 V electrical systems. The LED Lightbars were re-engineered with three times the lumen output for a more powerful light and feature an architectural grade diffuser above the LEDs to minimize glare and deliver even light distribution. Fully dimmable with any incandescent dimmer, the LED Lightbars link together for continuous, uninterrupted long runs. They are constructed of extruded aluminum with a powder-coated finish for a sleek appearance in all applications.

Industrial linear LED luminaire

The ProPoint Industrial Linear LED Luminaire from OSRAM Sylvannia improves indoor and outdoor lighting while using 45% less energy. It offers lower maintenance costs for a low cost of ownership, and it is an ideal solution for new and existing tunnels, roadways, parking garages, and demanding environments. ProPoint cutting-edge thermal technology assures optimal light engine performance for extended service and rated life of 50,000 hrs. These environmentally preferred LED luminaires provide proprietary photometric design technique and high LED quality, and are designed to improve nighttime visibility with a low profile, low glare, and vibration-resistant design.

LED with adjustable downlight

Ideal for sloped ceilings and accent lighting applications, Prescolite’s A2LED offers a smooth 35-deg optical pattern, which may be adjusted and locked up to 30-deg from vertical. It also has an installation that allows 360-deg rotational aiming—completed from below the ceiling. It also translates center beam optics to reduce glare at high aiming angles. The A2LED’s Xicato light engine allows for rich color rendering and saturation. Additionally, the A2LED features a 2-in. ceiling opening, glare-free illumination, a high lumen output, and long life, low maintenance benefits with a minimum of 50,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance.

Lighting control panelboard

Square D Emergency Lighting Control Panelboard by Schneider Electric is a factory assembled circuit breaker panelboard with onboard automatic load control relays that centralize egress lighting control in the equipment closet. Integrated with a centralized emergency power source, such as a generator or inverter, the panelboard solves complicating issues for design, installation, inspection, and maintenance. The Square D Emergency Lighting Control Panelboards support the use of lighting controls and standard lighting fixtures for emergency egress lighting. During a power loss, all control devices are bypassed automatically to the emergency lighting power source and return to normal when power is restored.

Bi-level dimming control

The SD1 Series LED module by Thomas Research Products device works with two standard wall switches to allow bi-level step-dimming of LED luminaires. The SD1 is ideal for situations where quick switching between 100% and 50% output is needed, such as occupancy sensor applications. It works in conjunction with any 0 to 10 V dimmable LED driver, from any manufacturer. The SD1 is designed to give manufacturers and facility managers new options for additional control of their indoor lighting. TRP’s step-dimming module features 100 to 277 Vac universal voltage input and low insertion loss.

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