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Finalists in the Lighting category for the 2012 Product of the Year competition

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist April 16, 2012

Architectural coffer LED

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting ACLED is an indoor volumetric LED luminaire delivering ambient white light in a classic yet contemporary architectural style with a standard deep regressed door frame and step baffles. This luminaire provides energy savings from the use of LED lighting, full range dimming, and a plug-and-play dataport for the embedded nLight controls interface that allows for constant system monitoring and lumen management and compensation. The ACLED creates volumetric light through frosted acrylic tile without extending below the ceiling plane. It is available in a 2×2-ft configuration and features 3300 delivered lumens at 41 input W.

LED floodlight

The Champ FMV LED 100 to 400 W floodlights from Cooper Crouse-Hinds are designed for use in gas or dust hazardous areas, combining 60,000 h rated lamp life with a heat sink designed for high ambient temperatures and thick protective housing. These floodlights can be used for outdoor or indoor applications at a wide range of mounting heights, with high-efficiency drivers, LED arrays, and optics that give the familiar butterfly beam light pattern. Using existing mounting adapters, the floodlights require no new conduit runs during installation. Additional options include a warm white version, a guard to protect each fixture from damage, and a visor for dark sky compliance.

LED light fixture

Corelite’s Loft Micro LED series from Cooper Lighting maintains the elegant and modern style of its fluorescent counterparts with a 17% reduction in power consumption as a direct/indirect LED fixture. This suspended fixture may be mounted individually or continuously with 4-, 8-, and 12-in. modular sections, suited for any application with demanding aesthetic and performance considerations. Available in two microprofile styles with two different lens media, these fixtures showcase Cooper Lighting’s ALM LED module, delivering a soft, diffuse volume of pure white light on both task and ambient surfaces with a guaranteed system life of 50,000 h.

LED luminaires

The Lumark Crosstour LED wall pack luminaire series from Cooper Lighting offers high lumen output and a low-profile design with solutions for wall, surface, post, low-level, and inverted installations on all standard junction boxes without adaptor plates or loose hardware. This fixture’s optical reflector projects light in a forward throw direction, while a full cutoff door provides focused illumination, allowing for greater spacing between fixtures. This series includes small and large housing configurations with die-cast aluminum construction, a sealed LED optical chamber, and impact-resistant tempered glass. The luminaires are dark sky friendly and have a projected LED life of 50,000 h.

Fluorescent retrofit kits

Cooper Lighting’s series of Metalux fluorescent retrofit kits are designed to exceed today’s energy needs and guidelines while improving light quality. The Metalux Commercial, OpticaHP, ArcDuo, and Cruze retrofit kits were developed around one platform that combines the latest optical, energy-saving lamp, and ballast technology to consume less energy without any loss in effective lighting. These retrofit kits include unique construction features with Advanced Retrofit Technology, one-piece tool-less reflectors with “squeeze and fit” mounting capability, and Ready-Set captive and secure self-tapping screws. Additional contractor-friendly features include prewired ballast and assembly, no parts bag, and installation in less than 10 min.

LED luminaires

The Indy LED Designer Cove and Indy LED Multi-Spot luminaires designed by Juno Lighting Group for retail and commercial applications combine flexibility and aesthetics with up to 1,000 lumens of PAR30 halogen, bright-white light from only 22 W input. Both fixtures offer three beam spreads and feature one, two, or three LED heads, which easily detach from the housing for adjustments. These luminaires recess into ceilings with an open housing design and a rotating, tilting, expandable yoke assembly. With color temperatures of 2700, 3000, and 4100 K and 85 CRI minimum, these luminaires are dimmable and designed for quick installation in suspended grid, plaster, or drywall ceilings.

Mini LED step lights

The Juno Lighting Group LED modular mini step lights are designed for commercial and theatrical applications, consuming 2.6 W and available in four distinct optics that can be horizontally or vertically mounted. When used with Juno electronic low-voltage dimmers, the LED driver has a 100% to 20% or better dimming range and can accommodate an input voltage of 120 Vac at 60 Hz. An outdoor version of these step lights is UL and cUL listed for wet locations with corrosion-resistant paint, and gaskets protecting against contaminants. These lights are field interchangeable in standard j-boxes, mounted directly to an aluminum heat sink, and available in 3000 and 4100 K color temperatures.

Occupancy light sensor

The PlugTail P&S PlugTail Sensor was designed by Legrand/Pass & Seymour to help contractors meet ASHRAE energy-efficiency standards and government incentive requirements, sensing occupancy and responding with light. At rough-in, the pre-stripped connector leads are installed instead of pigtails without the need for a wire caddy. A polybag keeps the connector free of dirt, dust, and joint compound until trim-out, and this device is installed on existing PlugTail switch boxes in less than a minute by clicking the connector and tightening the mounting screws. These 60 Hz occupancy light sensors are designed with load maximums of 800 W at 120 V and 1200 W at 277 V.

Volumetric LED illumination

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting RTLED RELIGHT assembly kit provides indoor volumetric illumination in easy one-to-one fixture replacement installs from below the ceiling, with energy savings from the use of LED lighting, full range dimming, and flexible, embedded nLight control options. All electrical components are shipped installed and prewired on the light engine for simple electrical connection via the installed driver quick disconnect. Controlling high-angle light, this lighting reduces glare for most computer monitors and displays. This luminaire kit is available in 2×2-ft and 2×4-ft configurations for deep-cell parabolic and lensed troffer fluorescent fixture upgrades.

LED luminaire

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting STLED is an indoor surface-mount LED luminaire with a high-efficacy light engine for general ambient lighting applications. This luminaire provides energy savings from the use of LED lighting, full range dimming, and a plug-and-play dataport for the embedded nLight controls interface that allows for constant system monitoring and lumen management and compensation. Volumetric illumination is achieved by creating an optimal mix of light to vertical and horizontal work surfaces, and an angled mounting surface combined with a crescent-shape linear faceted refractor system obscures and integrates individual LED images and uniformly washes fixture surface with light.

Troffer LED

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting TLED is a general-purpose lighting troffer, expanding the range of the company’s indoor LED ambient lighting solutions. The TLED delivers high-quality ambient white light for general illumination while reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs, and a building’s environmental footprint. It features nLight enabled controls to achieve enhanced energy savings and faster ROI. The TLED is available in a 2×2-ft configuration and features 3,300 delivered lumens at 41 input W.

Lighting control relay panel

The Schneider Electric LPL lighting control relay panel with LonWorks protocol offers cost-effective and code-compliant lighting control. The LPL is prepackaged in standard configurations available with 8, 16, 32, 48, or 64 heavy-duty and/or plug-in relays, relay controllers, and optional time clock and input controllers. The heavy-duty relays carry up to 20 A full load and are rated for over 120,000 mechanical operations. Whether from a stand-alone system, a soft-wired networked panels system, or a fully programmable network system, the LPL supports all common sequences encountered in lighting control with software scheduling, event programming, daylight harvesting, and motion sensing inputs.

Volumetric LED fixture

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting VTLED is a volumetric LED luminaire designed for general-purpose illumination environments. It provides energy savings from the use of LED lighting, full range dimming, and a plug-and-play dataport for the embedded nLight controls interface that allows for constant system monitoring and lumen management and compensation. The linear faceted reflector cavity softens and distributes light while minimizing luminous contrast between the fixture and ceiling. This fixture may be mounted and wired in continuous rows, and is available in a 2×2-ft configuration with a 2200 or 3200 lumen package and a 2×4-ft configuration delivering 4600 lumens, with an efficacy up to 96 lumens/W.

Terminal blocks

WAGO’s 2060 Series 1-, 2-, and 3-pole SMD terminal blocks bring push-button actuation to PCB-based LED lighting and compact electronic devices, eliminating specialty tools to meet torque specs and increase connection reliability. Flexible or stranded conductors use the push button for termination/removal. The buttons are concaved and slotted for actuation via ballpoint pen or small screwdriver. CAGE CLAMP terminations are maintenance-free, and vibration- and thermal-cycling resistant to exceed LED longevity. These terminal blocs are UL/cUL recognized: 1-pole units carry a 600 V/9 A rating; 2- and 3-pole models are rated 250 V/9 A. Just 4.5 mm high, these devices also suit electronics requiring low-profile SMT components.

Outdoor lighting sensor

WattStopper developed this FSP-211 digital high/low passive IR fixture integrated outdoor sensor to control lighting in areas such as parking facilities and pedestrian pathways. This sensor mounts in the bottom of a lighting fixture and raises or lowers the electric lighting level to high, low, or off based on motion and ambient lighting. A wireless handheld infrared tool controls options for high/low mode, sensitivity, and time delay. This sensor works with LED and fluorescent lighting, including 0 to 10 V dimmable ballasts. It is IP66 rated in wet and cold locations, and a choice of four lenses ensures light coverage for mounting heights ranging from 8 to 40 ft.

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