LED retrofit kits

The LED retrofit kit connectability enhancements allow installers to electrically link more from one power source.

By Litetronics December 12, 2016

The 16 W Litetronics LED retrofit kits are designed with one-tube products for upgrading fixtures using slim-line fluorescent tubes, and the 45 W kits offer lumen outputs comparable to many T8 and T12 high-output fluorescent tubes. The kit’s connectability enhancements simplify in-line installations for large retail, cove lighting, and manufacturing strip fixture installations. Installers can electrically link more RetroFits from one power source. The kit allows installers to directly daisy-chain more products and includes easy-connecting accessories such as 8-in. and 4-foot direct jumper cables to address curves and gaps in the lighting layout. The single-tube 16 W kit delivers 2,200 lumens while the 45 W kit delivers 6,300 lumens.