LED area and site luminaire

ARA3 LED area luminaire features thermal management and controls, providing excellent illumination and uniformity for large-area/site-lighting applications such as large parking lots, auto dealerships, transportation/port facilities, and retail and mall parking lots.

By Hubbell Lighting September 2, 2015

ARA3 LED area/site luminaire replaces a 1,000 W HID luminaire with more than 50% energy savings and can be mounted up to 50 ft. The site/area luminaire comes in three lumen options for design flexibility; has backlight control to reduce light trespass; is available with a variety of control options; and comes in seven standard finishes: dark bronze, black, gray, white, platinum, red, and forest green. Design flexibility is optimized with 32, 48, and 64 high-brightness LED light engine configurations in IES Type III, Type IV, and Type V, plus a front-row auto dealership distribution.

Hubbell Lighting