Learning how to market yourself

Promoting a win can only benefit you and your company

By Amara Rozgus May 26, 2022
Courtesy: CFE Media & Technology

Business development managers and communications professionals everywhere can get behind this statement: Learn how to market yourself. Whether a newly created firm is launching its first campaign to obtain new business or an individual is trying to work his way up through the ranks, knowing how to sell yourself is important.

Take the topic of a brand-new company, for example. While you might have contacts in the industry or retained clients from previous jobs, without promoting your skills, talking about your projects or networking with building owners and other engineering firms, your company’s name and expertise will not be widely broadcast.

Let me give you an illustration: A presenter for an upcoming webcast on electrical systems was having trouble explaining to his owners why he, as a senior-level designer, should expend the time and effort to create this educational content. Two things immediately came to mind:

  • He’d be recognized as one of two thought leaders on the topic. That, in turn, would reflect on the firm as a whole.
  • The presenters would be reaching other electrical engineers, engineers from various disciplines, building owners, facility managers and manufacturers — all prospective clients and partners.

Individuals, on the flipside, create their own brand by speaking at conferences and education sessions, and also by writing articles, becoming influential in the community and generally being seen as thought leaders.

Each of the 2022 40 Under 40 winners has done exactly this. They’ve not only excelled academically, they’ve succeeded in pushing their own personal brand to the next level, and then worked with mentors and communications experts to market themselves by entering the 40 Under 40 competition.

This year, a newly launched consulting firm nominated one of its engineers. He won, and while he personally will be basking in the limelight, his firm will too. The winner will have the chance to network with other winners, and his firm can add another coveted award to its list, which will undoubtedly come up in conversation with prospective clients.

A benefit to this job is that I get to meet some of the smartest people. Whether they’re business development experts, sustainability pros or engineering whizzes, each person who contributes to the industry has something to offer. When everyone learns to broadcast this wisdom, we all get to meet those exceptional people.

Author Bio: Amara Rozgus is the Editor-in-Chief/Content Strategy Leader