Ladder tray for spanning long distances

The 7D38 profile ladder tray is ideal for applications where spanning long distances and holding heavy industrial cabling is critical.

By Cope April 10, 2017

Cope’s 7D38 profile ladder tray is an aluminum, 3-in. load depth, 20C ladder tray that is rated to hold 100 pounds per ft over a 20-ft span. The 7D38 ladder tray’s low profile is an advantage in areas with limited installation space, which is becoming tighter as many building trades attempt to occupy the same ceiling in tight configurations. With the 20-ft 7D38 ladder, fewer supports and connections are required on the additional 8 ft of tray while supporting the 100 lbs/ft required.  This results in less installation labor, smaller inventory costs for all thread and strut, and a better overall system design when making long cable tray runs. The 7D38 profile ladder uses an exclusive swage rung process, which ensures a superior mechanical and electrical connection. In addition to the new 7D38 profile, Cope can also make a 7D44 aluminum trough product with prefabricated metal, consisting of ventilated or solid bottoms, and welded to the side rails.