January Supplement: Building Systems Solutions

This publication is the sixth in a series of Johnson Controls supplements showcasing real-life examples that explain how the company's solutions create value.

By Staff February 15, 2001

Visit the site devoted to C-SE’s January supplement, Building Systems Solutions by clicking on the link below. Also find below the introduction to this supplement as written by Johnson Controls president, Brian Stark. Visit Building Systems Solutions

Guaranteed Outcomes at a Guaranteed Price

Johnson Controls has a long-term vision to deliver financial and business solutions that consistently surprise and delight our customers. We want to make sure there is no ‘next best’ choice when it comes to facility solution providers. Our desire is to know our customers so well, and to understand their business goals so thoroughly, that we become a top-tier strategic partner – a partner that helps them achieve their business goals.

Today, we can deliver on that vision.

We worked hard to develop the best product and system knowledge, the best processes, the best people, and the best strategic partners. We also worked to find ways to deliver facility support solutions that help our customers achieve their business objectives faster, at a lower total cost. The bottom line is this: we can deliver the facility outcomes our customers want, and we can deliver them at a guaranteed price. No finger pointing and no excuses.

Will you allow us to help you? First, bring us in early to participate in the pre-planning and design process. Our innovative solutions and integrated systems expertise will enable you to specify the high-performance environment you want. Second, give us the opportunity to deliver the complete installed solution. We’ll make sure your systems are installed correctly and integrated effectively to make your facilities more productive. Third, let us show you how we can operate and maintain your mechanical and electrical systems for less, with comprehensive strategies tailored to your needs.

This publication is the sixth in a series of Johnson Controls supplements showcasing our vision along with real-life examples that explain how our solutions deliver value to customers today. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Give us a call.

Brian StarkPresidentJohnson Controls