Integrated variable-speed drive screw chiller

York's YVFA AHRI-certified free-cooling air-cooled screw chiller offers low energy consumption and lifecycle costs.

By York October 13, 2016

York’s YVFA is an AHRI-certified, integrated variable-speed drive (VSD) screw chiller with free cooling. The liquid-cooled VSD keeps the electrical panel free of dust and dirt and operates at a standard ambient temperature up to 115 F. Available in nominal sizes 150 to 450 yielding over 600TR (2110 kW). For critical processes, such as data center and critical-care facility applications, the chiller is equipped with a Quick Start feature that achieves full load after a power loss in four minutes or less. Variable-frequency inverter technology enables a zero-inrush start, reducing generator and switch gear sizing, and a high displacement power factor across the entire operating range. Intelligent controls optimize energy use year-round, constantly evaluating conditions and controlling bypass valves to reduce pump energy when free cooling is not available. The YVFA provides flexibility for all building chilled liquid loops by offering options for open-loop (glycol in building) and closed-loop (water in building) configurations.