Innovations at Upcoming AHR Expo

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 5, 2005

A record number of entries were submitted for the fourth annual AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition sponsored by ASHRAE, ARI and International Exposition Company. The nine winning companies will be recognized at a special ceremony in Jan. at the 2006 AHR Expo in Chicago. They are:


Company: Kiyon, Inc.

Product: KAN 254B Wireless BACnet Router

This product provides wireless connectivity for all types of building control systems, enables wireless mobility for building personnel and bridges several networks for interoperability enabling these devices to communicate over the same network.


Company: Modine Manufacturing Company

Product: PF2heat exchangers

PF2solves the water drainage problem with microchannel heat exchangers by allowing the tubes to be run vertically or horizontally. Advantages over copper tube aluminum fin coils include lower system operating and material costs and lower noise levels.


Company: Gasmaster Industries, Inc.

Product: GMI 8M

The GMI 8M tankless boiler/water heater allows high-capacity users to save money with environmentally friendly ultra-clean exhaust, compact size, low maintenance and mounting flexibility with exhaust cool enough for direct venting. It comes in capacities up to 8 million btu/h in a single unit.


Company: ProMark Associates, Inc.

Product: Total Spectrum filter system

This filter system unites ultraviolet light, photo catalysis, gas phase filters and media in a patented process. It can eliminate the full range of chemical pollutants with minimal use of outdoor air and no harmful emissions or waste while reducing energy.


Company: Danfoss, Inc.

Product: Danfoss Interchangeable Cooling Engine

This cooling engine packages an entire refrigeration system—evaporator, compressor and condenser—in a compact, easily handled package for beverage vending machines, glass door merchandisers and display cases.


Company: Emerson Climate Technologies

Product: Intelligent Store’s Condition-Based Maintenance Software

This product indicates when service should be provided based on the health of the system instead of providing schedule-based preventative maintenance. This allows retailers to perform the right amount of maintenance to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency levels.


Company: Ludeca, Inc.

Product: SheaveMaster

This product uses a highly accurate fan-line laser and high-strength magnets that self-attach to pulleys and sprockets, replacing imprecise string and straightedge methods. The benefits include labor savings, speed and better accuracy of alignments reducing wear and repair expenses.


Company: Dais Analytic Corp.

Product: ConsERV C500

This energy-recovery ventilation system uses a nanotechnology exchange membrane material to provide highly efficient recovery of both sensible and latent heat. It was created to recover energy (some 70% total effectiveness) during fresh air ventilation using a fixed-plate ERV component.


Company: VRTX Technologies, LLC

Product: VRTX Systems

VRTX Systems rely on kinetic energy, hydrodynamic cavitation and chemical equilibrium to control scale, corrosion and biofouling without hazardous chemicals. Installation reduces water usage, operating costs and environmental impact, and improves worker safety. It treats industrial cooling water from condensers and cooling towers.

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