HVAC Systems Bring New Level of Comfort to Ronald McDonald Houses

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff July 28, 2005

American Standard Companies Inc., Tyler, Texas, plans to donate and install HVAC comfort systems in Ronald McDonald Houses across the United States. In addition, the company will make a $100,000 cash contribution to RMHC, arrange for ongoing HVAC system maintenance with the support of its local distributors and dealers and sponsor comfy pajama parties for families staying at the Houses.

“American Standard is excited to form a‘comfort partnership’ with RMHC by offering new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to Ronald McDonald Houses in need. Our hope is to help families feel even more comfortable at their home-away-from-home,” said Paul Trotter, vice president of sales.

Each year thousands of families stay at Ronald McDonald Houses across the country while their children receive medical treatment at nearby hospitals. During 2005, eight Ronald McDonald Houses will receive comfort systems in Boston, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; Dallas and Houston, Texas; Nashville, Tenn.; Sacramento, Calif.; St. Louis, Mo.; and Tampa, Fla.

Each designated house will receive a high-efficiency; whole house humidifiers, depending on the climate in which the home is located; whole-house air cleaners, which remove unwanted particles from conditioned air; and accessories such as touch-screen programmable thermostats.

American Standard will work with RMHC to identify Ronald McDonald Houses in the designated cities that are most in need of a new HVAC system. Its distributors will then work with local dealers to handle the installation of a new system. Prior to each installation, a walk-through will be scheduled so local distributors can determine if any additional HVAC work needs to be done as well, such as installing or adjusting ductwork.

And to top it all off, following each HVAC installation volunteers will arrange comfy pajama parties, which include movies and games for families staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses.

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