HVAC Systems & BAS Study

HVAC systems, BAS survey findings

By Amanda Pelliccione February 19, 2020

Seventy percent of respondents to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2020 HVAC Systems & BAS Study determine the requirements/write the specifications for HVAC systems, equipment and controls when included on projects; 64% supervise or consult on projects and 58% research and evaluate the options. Below are five additional survey findings: 

  1. HVAC, BAS revenue: The average engineering firm specifies about $2.5 million annually for HVAC and building automation/control products in new and existing buildings. 
  2. Systems specified: Seven in 10 engineers currently specify HVAC controls, fans and air movement and pumps and pumping systems. Engineers expect to specify more chillers and cooling towers, BAS, dedicated outdoor air systems, energy recovery systems and HVAC controls over the next year. 
  3. Technologies in demand: More than 60% of engineers anticipate an increase in projects involving BAS and HVAC controls in the near future. Other technologies and services on the rise include energy recovery systems, variable refrigerant flow systems, commissioning (at any level) and demand-controlled ventilation systems. 
  4. Design factors: Ninety-seven percent of engineers agree that product quality is the most important factor to their specification of one HVAC product over another, followed by service support (92%), energy efficiency (92%) and the manufacturers reputation (92%). 
  5. Building types: The top building types for which respondents specify, design or make product selections are office buildings, hospitals/health care facilities, industrial/manufacturing facilities/warehouses. and college/university buildings. 

29% of lighting engineers specify, design or make product selections for data center projects. Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2019 Lighting & Lighting Controls Study 

37%: The average amount of billable hours/time at work an engineer spends researching or specifying electrical and power systems. Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2019 Electrical & Power Study 

52: Average age among engineers who buy/specify HVAC systems and building automation systems. Source: Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2020 HVAC Systems & BAS Study 

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Amanda Pelliccione is the research director at CFE Media. 

Author Bio: Amanda is the Research Director and Project Manager of Awards Programs for CFE Media and its publications.