HVAC Products 10/1/04

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff October 1, 2004

Teletrol and Veris : Teletrol Systems, Manchester, N.H., and Veris Industries have announced a successful demonstration of BACnet interoperability for energy management. The demonstration combined Veris’ BACnet Energy Meter with Teletrol’s Internet-powered eBuilding control system to capture energy usage information, relay it through multiple networks and display it in a remote web browser. For further information, contact sales@teletrol.com .

Continental Automated Buildings Assn .: Ottawa, Ontario-based CABA announced recently that its Intelligent & Integrated Council has a number of task forces that are working on several initiatives, including:

  • Intelligent Building Ranking System. The Council is developing an online tool intended to assist building owners/managers, the commercial real estate industry and other industry stakeholders to assess the value of integrated systems and technology within a building The tool will permit the development of a building intelligence quotient (BIQ). Request for proposals are being developed for this project with planned delivery by the second quarter of 2005.

  • Life Cycle Costs Analysis Tool. Integrated systems actually can have a lower first and overall life-cycle cost than conventional practices. There are plans to develop an online tool that will help design professionals, system integrators and building owners identify where costs come from when developing an intelligent building. An online survey has been developed ( https://www.caba.org/survey ) to collect verifiable, documented, quantitative data from public and private large buildings so that the resulting tool is accepted by the industry. A white paper has also been developed (available for download at https://caba.infopop.cc/eve/ubb.x?a=frm&s=1866027254&f=6946030225 ).

  • Best Practices Guide for Evaluating Intelligent Building Technologies. Phase one of this project defined criteria for evaluating intelligent building technologies. The document is available for download at https://www.caba.org/trm . Phase two of the project is designed to create an objective and quantitative selection method for the criteria identified in phase one. This document would include the development of a ranking system and a scoring method for each criterion.

  • Demo Building Project. This demo project will document the real benefits associated with implementing intelligent building technologies in a retrofit building. CABA has a tentative agreement signed with the National Research Council of Canada to use the building where CABA has its offices. A third party feasibility study is required before the start of the project to determine which technologies are to be implemented.

Circon Systems : Circon Systems, Vancouver, British Columbia, has announced LonMark 3.3 certification of two of its programmable HVAC controllers. The UHC-300 and the UHC-320 comply with LonMark interoperability guidelines and both are designed for use in open system, multi-vendor, interoperable LonWorks networks. The controllers unite a variety of configurable control blocks with the power of the Circon BASIC programming language. For more information go to https://www.circon.com/ .

McQuay : Another product line that has recently received LonMark 3.3 certification is from Minneapolis-based McQuay. MicroTech II and MicroTech 2000 unit controllers have received the certification. The LonMark 3.3 certified controllers are available on McQuay chillers and condensing units, rooftop and vertical self-contained systems, unit ventilators and water source heat pumps. For more information, go to https://www.mcquay.com/ .