HVAC Products 02/05

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 25, 2005

IAQ test tools provide building maintenance and IAQ professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of precision instruments for troubleshooting and maintaining indoor air quality. Particle counter is a compact tool that enables users to measure the presence of airborne particles and track down particle sources. Its expanded data logging and six-channel particle size display (0.3 here .

Indirect gas-fired make-up air units are ideal for commercial and institutional applications such as medical clinics, hospitals, schools, corridor ventilation for apartments and gyms. The unit features a power vented 80% efficient indirect gas-fired furnace with post-purge cycle and is ETL listed to ANSI Standards Z83.8 and CGA 2.6 and units are supplied with double width, double inlet forward curved blowers tested to AMCA standards for high efficiency and low sound levels. For more about Model IG-HV from Greenheck click here .

Heater/Cooler Unit for data centers can be used to heat or cool full time but can also be adjusted to switch from heater to cooler using an added thermostat controller and are perfect for remote locations. Built to UL NEMA 4X, 12 and 13 standards and having few moving parts (only fans), there are no filters to change and they do not require the use of chlorofluorocarbons. For more information on AD products from Adalet, click here .