Horizontal two-compressor dehumidifier

Seresco's NE 200 Series is a horizontal two-compressor dehumidifier.

By Seresco January 30, 2015

Seresco’s NE 200 Series is a horizontal two-compressor dehumidifier, and is an HVAC system designed specifically for retrofitting hotel and medium-sized community indoor pools of up to 5,000 sq ft. The NE 200 Series’ proprietary CommandCenter microprocessor-based controller allows indoor pool operators the energy efficiency of staging one unit off during low occupancies while providing a smaller footprint, which makes them useful for retrofitting mechanical rooms with limited space. Other features electronically commutated motors and direct drive fans with optional VFDs. They also have vertical configurations available and an optional glycol heat rejection loop via PVC piping and dry coolers to reduce costs and leak liabilities.