Horizontal louver

Ruskin's EME720 7-in. horizontal louver combines continuous-blade architectural appearance and wind-driven rain-resistant performance.

By Ruskin April 24, 2017

The EME720 louver features 56% free area and combines a continuous-blade architectural appearance with the performance of a wind-driven rain-resistant louver. The louver’s architectural mullion is recessed, notched in the blade, and uses drain pockets allowing water to drain away while contributing to an appearance of one continuous louver. It appeals to engineers, who can take advantage of its extreme weather performance and impressive free area in their mechanical designs. Closely spaced horizontal blades minimize the penetration of wind-driven rain, reducing water damage and additional operating expenses. The louver is available in single sections as large as 90×120 in. and can be ordered with a variety of anodized and painted finishes, including standard colors and custom color matching. The louver’s aluminum construction ensures low maintenance and high resistance to corrosion.