Horizontal DE pumps

Horizontal end-suction design envelope (DE) pumps feature sensorless integrated controls for energy savings.

By Armstrong Fluid Technology February 1, 2016

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s Design Envelope (DE) 4200H and DE 4280 series includes sensorless control and enhanced connectivity to BAS to achieve efficiency. The DE 4200H pumps are supplied with split-couplings and outside balanced seals while the DE 4280 pumps use a close-coupled design. Integrated controls eliminate the need for VFD wall space or mounting with extra cable runs. Pumps are available to 125 hp/90 kW (DE 4200H) and 7.5 hp/5.5 kW (DE 4280). DE 4200H eliminates the need for field alignment following installation of field service and offers easy maintenance due to outside seal and split coupling.

Armstrong Fluid Technology