Highlights from the 2004 Plumbing Expo

This year's Engineered Plumbing Expo, the tradeshow that is part of the biennial convention of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, goes to Cleveland from Oct. 25–26. (The complete convention runs from Oct. 23–27.) Seminar topics include vacuum sanitary sewers, water reuse for green buildings, biosafety, liquid waste decontamination and liquid nitrogen process piping.

By Staff October 1, 2004

This year’s Engineered Plumbing Expo, the tradeshow that is part of the biennial convention of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, goes to Cleveland from Oct. 25—26. (The complete convention runs from Oct. 23—27.) Seminar topics include vacuum sanitary sewers, water reuse for green buildings, biosafety, liquid waste decontamination and liquid nitrogen process piping. Here, we offer a small sampling of the products that one can expect to see at EPE.

Modulating control valves designed for precise flow control are available in both pneumatic and electric supply, in body materials of PVC, PP, PVDF and PRFE, and in 1/2-in. to 4-in. sizes. Featuring lightweight thermoplastic construction, the valves have various plug-and-seat arrangements within each size for maximum control. The plug and seat can be changed to accommodate a variety of CV values. (Globe Control Valve by Asahi/America)

Trap valve station packages two piston-style isolation valves, a test valve and stainless-steel strainer with blowdown valve into one connector. The connector can accommodate either an inverted bucket (650 psig with a capacity to 1,300 lbs./hr.), disc, thermostatic or thermostatic wafer style steam traps. (Stainless Steel Trap Valve Station by Armstrong International)

Energy transfer pipe includes 16 new ASTM-compliant sizes that meet North American standards. Engineered for the transfer of hot or chilled water, the pre-insulated pipe is available in one- and two-pipe configurations. Produced with a bonded layer of CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation that minimizes heat loss and water permeability, the pipe’s exterior is made of seamless, co-extruded polyethylene for increased UV resistance. Ideally suited for buried applications, the pipe can also be used in buildings. (Insulpex by REHAU)

Electronic, solar-powered faucet uses an integrated power plant storage cell to transform light from any source into electrical energy. Batteries provide backup energy and can last up to 10 years. This single-hole faucet comes standard with temperature control, a 0.5 gpm aerator to regulate water flow and an electronic sensor for hands-free operation. With no moving parts in the waterway, it is maintenance-free. (Solis by Sloan Valve Co.)

Lavatory tops come complete with sensor faucets, soap dispensers, P-trap/drain systems and thermostatically-controlled mixing valves to speed installation. Available in seamless lengths from 20 to 84 in. and 21- or 24-in. depths, the 14-gauge type 304 stainless-steel tops have a satin finish and rolled marine drip edge. Tops can be ordered with square or radius front corners as well as with or without an integral backsplash and recessed apron. (Enviro Series Lav Tops by Just Manufacturing Co.)

Waste valve line has upgraded its 01 model to include complete overflow kits. The valve bodies now come standard with 2-in. outlets and can be converted to 1.5-in. outlets with the use of a reducer. (by T&S Brass and Bronze Works)

Adjustable length water connector can be used for installations up to 20-in. and is comprised of a 12-in. long copper tube that can be cut to any desired length using a conventional pipe cutter. Available in chrome, polished brass and satin nickel, the copper tube measures 3/8-in. in diameter. (Cut-to-Length Flex Connector by Lorenz Industries)

Isolation flanges available in 3/4-, 1-, and 1 1/4-in. NPT and sweat connections allow easy installation, service and replacement of the circulator. The flanges may be used with all brands of circulators and utilize a standard 90-degree-turn ball valve and long handle for ease of operation. (by Bell & Gossett)

Self-contained device for monitoring corrosion activity in piping systems is available in a 3/4-, 1-, or 1 1/2-in. hexhead pipe plug. Threaded into any water piping system, it produces a color change, from white to fluorescent orange, after a pre-defined amount of wall loss has occurred. (by CorrView International)

Bathroom fixtures for commercial bathrooms are available in polished chrome, satin nickel, coco or OroBrass finishes. Tower, Montage, Chadwick and Britani are its four new styles. (Estate series by Santec Inc.)

Kitchen faucet series features a dish spray with a single-control joy stick-like handle to control water temperature and volume, pullout spray-head that facilitates in food prep and a single-control handle to control water temperature and volume. (LK7420, LK7322, LK6520 by Elkay)

Air bath with 16 air jets and a spring-loaded anti-return valve prevents the backflow of water into the air passage. The bath’s noiseless blower, which draws air in through a baffled muffler that then blows it into the manifold system, reduces the motor noise and vibrations sent through the tub. Equipped with a water sensor, which signals the blower to run a one-minute drying cycle 20 minutes after the tub has emptied, removes any water remaining in the air jets without disturbing the bather. (Clayton, Nexus and Mercer Airbaths by Toto)

Flow control valves are available in 3-in. nominal sizes from 1 1/2-in. to 6 in. and three configurations: flange/glange, glange/groove and groove/groove. The valves come standard in painted red with galvanized trim and can be installed vertically or horizontally. (Deluge and Flow Control Valves by Viking Corp.)

Lavatory system is available in one-, two- and three-user stations that come in 18 colors, and is ideal for retail centers, restaurants, offices, hotels and fitness centers. Coordinated accessories line includes frameless mirrors, a glass shelf, wall trim, an infrared-controlled faucet and a lavatory-mounted, ADA-compliant soap dispenser. The matching wall-mounted waste receptacle has a 20-gal. capacity. (Frequency Lavatory System by Bradley)

Sewage removal systems are pre-assembled and equipped with a 16-bolt steel cover, a 2-in. schedule 80 PVC discharge pipe and check valve. The nine new pre-packaged and pre-assembled models are available with corrosion-resistant, bolt-on flange, two-piece structural foam cover. The new two-piece lid allows for easy access to the pump. (Pit Plus by Little Giant Pump Co.)