High Performance Buildings (Johnson Controls)

A compilation of articles and case studies focusing on building controls and their important role in facility performance.

By Staff February 4, 2002

The Johnson Controls mission is to consistently exceed our customers’ increasing expectations. We continue working hard to convince you that there is no “next best” choice when it comes to facility solution providers Our goal is to know your business so well that we can deliver a combination of technologies, services, and financial solutions that help you achieve your business goals. Today we can deliver on that goal anywhere in the world.

We can help you design a seamless, fully-integrated platform for all your building systems. We will accept full responsibility for coordinating the installation and commissioning of all the systems. The building automation networks, fire alarm, security and other systems will work better, more efficiently, more cost-effectively well into the future. We can even deliver this guaranteed outcome at a guaranteed price – a price that may be lower than the costs associated with a traditional construction process.

Will you allow us to help you with your next project? The key is to bring us in early, so we can participate in the pre-planning and design process. Our innovative solutions and integration expertise will enable you to design and specify the high performance environment you want. Then, give us the opportunity to deliver the complete installed solution. We’ll make sure the systems are installed correctly and integrated effectively to make your facility more productive. Finally, let us show you how our trained building operators and professional staff can optimize ongoing operations. We can handle some or all of the facility management tasks, assuring a high performance environment that is safe, efficient and comfortable.

This publication showcases our vision while providing real-life examples that explain how our solutions are helping customers achieve their goals today. I hope we can work together with you soon.


Brian Stark President, Controls Group

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Table of Contents (PDF Files)

Integrated Solutions

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Systems Integration Saves Energy for Hotel and Provides Comfort for Guests

(2 pgs.) 573 kb

Profit Building Strategies for Competitive Energy Markets

(5 pgs.) 754 kb

Building Systems Commissioning: Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

(5 pgs.) 944 kb

Play Ball! The New Miller Park

(4 pgs.) 1007 kb

Multiple Partners Help Achieve Fast-Track Construction in Latin America

(2 pgs.) 538 kb

What Is a High-Performance Building? Roundtable Discussion

(11 pgs.) 1723 kb

Health Care Environment Improves with Innovative Facility and Business Solutions

(2 pgs.) 1052 kb

High Performance Through Integration: Impact on the Bottom Line

(3 pgs.) 572 kb

Integrated Control Network Means Security and Comfort at Affordable Cost for New County Courthouse

(2 pgs.) 394 kb

Green is Coming Soon to a Building Near You

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Dedicated to the Environments in Which They Operate

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Critical Facilities: Reliability Is King

(2 pgs.) 262 kb

Cogeneration Plant Generates Success for USDA Research Site

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