High-horsepower generator sets

Rated at up to 3.5 MW, QSK95 Series generator sets are suited for mining, gas, or projects in harsh conditions.

By Cummins Power Generation December 3, 2014

Cummins Power Generation’s QSK95 series generator sets offer up to 3.5 MW 60 Hz and 3.75 MVa 50 Hz. They are engineered with the highest kilowatt per sq ft ratio in their class, resulting in a smaller footprint.

The QSK95 series generator sets are suited for mining, oil and gas, or any project where harsh conditions, challenging environments, and the demand for continuous remote power exist.

The generator sets accept 100% of rated load in a single step, and are ready to accept facility load in less than 10 seconds. The QSK95 Series generator sets are available in multiple rating options for specific power generation applications, including continuous, prime power, mission critical, and standby.

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