Heat pump packaged system for schools

SchoolMate water and ground heat pump packaged system provides flexibility for school installations.

August 7, 2014

Modine’s Airedale SchoolMate heat pump packaged system offers noise reduction and a small footprint, providing great flexibility for school installations. It comes in six capacities, from 24 to 60 MBh in two cabinet sizes. The microchannel evaporator coil replaces a larger coil traditionally used in these types of systems. The combination of reduced refrigerant charge and air-side pressure drop allows extra space for multiple supplemental heat exchangers. Other features include modulating, electronically commutated fan motors, R-410A refrigerant, front-access to all components, decreased sound and power output, and modulating economizer damper. Optional features include BACnet or LonWorks controls, hot water heating coil, valve/piping packages for hydronic heating options, and demand control ventilation.