Green Building Directories

By Staff July 20, 2001
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An increasing number of directories of ‘green building’ products can be found online. These usually provide information about products that are suitable for use in ‘green buildings.’ In some cases, they include information about ‘certified’ ‘green building’ products. A recent outline of what makes a product ‘green’ appeared in the February 2001 issue of Environmental Building News: they are products made from environmentally attractive materials, products that are green because of what is not in them, they are products that reduce environmental impacts during construction, renovation, or demolition, and they are products that contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment.

  • GreenSpec
    This environmental building news product directory provides information on more than 1000 environmentally preferable building products. It was developed by the publishers of Environmental Building News.

  • Harris Directory of Pollution Prevention Products for Home, Office & Garden
    The Harris Directory is a searchable online database. Subscriptions are for one year with an individual license for $150 or a group subscription based on quantity. The Harris Directory promotes the idea of diverting waste into viable products. The following information is available for each product: manufacturer, address, phone/fax number, email/www, product, description, CSI format, environmental benefits, and government procurement keywords.

  • Oikos Green Building Source
    Oikos serves the interest of professionals whose work promotes sustainable design and construction. Among its features are a ‘green building’ products database, news items relating to ‘green building’ issues, a book store, and a large library of documents related to many aspects of green building (building materials, ventilation, windows and glazing, house design, and appliances among many others).