Globalization to Impact AEC, Says CEO

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff May 23, 2005

Globalization will have a major impact on the AEC industry over the next two decades, predicted Nicholas Masucci, CEO of The Louis Berger Group, at his keynote address at the BST Information Technology Forum In Palm Beach, Fla.

The Forum is presented by BST, Tampa, Fla., an integrated solutions provider for professional organizations, every two years for senior executives in AEC organizations.

“Although we all tend to think of globalization in terms of manufacturing, over the next 20 years we will see it extend increasingly to services,” Masucci said. “The result of this trend will be increased competition. Forming a new firm or entering a new market is relatively easy in this industry as we have manageable costs compared to other industries. Consequently, we will have a highly competitive industry with tens of thousands of participants.”

Other predictions included a heightened need for security—and the resulting increase in security work for AEC firms—in emergency reconstruction and nation building, and an increase in the use of private capital for financing public infrastructure.