Geothermal rooftop unit

Finalist in HVAC/R in Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Gust Gianos, Consulting-Specifying Engineer May 13, 2011

AAON RQ series geothermal heat pump rooftop units take advantage of the seasonally constant temperature (around 55 F) of the earth below ground level to transfer heat to or from the building. The product features double-wall rigid polyurethane foam-insulated cabinets and direct drive backward curved-plenum fans for quiet airflow and high static pressure capabilities. Energy recovery wheels transfer energy from the exhaust airstream and transfer it to the entering outside air. This allows the air to be humidified, dehumidified, or pre-tempered, requiring the unit to do less work and reducing energy costs.

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