Generators with overhead cam engines

Subaru’s SGX3500, SGX5000, and SGX7500E generators feature Subaru EX series overhead cam engines for greater reliability.

By Subaru September 25, 2015

Subaru’s SGX3500, SGX5000, and SGX7500E feature Subaru EX Series overhead cam engines and hour meter, which displays total operating hours even when the unit is not running. The SGX3500 delivers a maximum output of 3,500 W with a 7-hp engine and a 4-gal fuel tank for a total run time of 8 hr at the rated load. A 9.5-hp EX30 engine powers the SGX5000, which offers a maximum output of 4,900 W. The SGX7500E features a 14-hp EX40 engine that provides a maximum output of 7,500 W. Its 8-gal fuel tank provides 7 hr of operation at the rated load. The SGX7500E also includes an electric starting system with recoil backup.