Formula for smarter hydronic pump selection

Bell & Gossett's Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) calculation gauges pump performance to maximize efficiency.

By Bell & Gossett October 10, 2016

Bell & Gossett has released its Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) pump selection criteria, a standard for the industry to provide an accurate and efficient specification of a centrifugal pump at partial flow rates, designed to save energy and reduce costs. PLEV helps HVAC system designers select pumps based on real-world system demands to ensure efficient hydronic system performance. Until now, a system designer specified a pump at maximum capacity, or flow at all times during pump operation, even though a pump operates at 100% flow just 1% of the time. PLEV is calculated based on the partial load that a pump will experience throughout its operation. B&G’s ESP-PLUS pump selection and system design software has been updated with the PLEV selection criteria to assist specifying engineers.

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