Forecast for BIPV market

This report analyzes and quantifies the current and future markets for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products.

By Source: AZoJono -Journal of Nantechnology Online August 17, 2009

These products have

traditionally consisted mostly of solar panels designed to lie flush and appear

unobtrusive on a structure. But the BIPV market has changed in the past year or

so, with exciting new products that incorporate PV cells into actual building

materials like siding, windows, and roofing shingles.


Last year, NanoMarkets produced one of the first reports on BIPV and this year’s report builds on

our success and experience with this earlier study. This time, the focus is on

the next generation BIPV products just mentioned and we set out in this report,

just where and when they are likely to be a success.


Of course, the arrival of

new BIPV products on the market is not the only thing that has changed since last

year. With the huge downturn in the economy, the PV market has taken a double

hit. First, the bottom has dropped out of the construction market, so the

addressable market for BIPV is significantly smaller than it was a year ago.

With this in mind, the report focuses on how BIPV technologies can break into

the market now and how planners at BIPV firms can ensure that their products

will do well once the new construction market begins to stabilize and how they

can also best meet the demands of the retrofit market.


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