Flow diffuser for surgical, critical environments

The TLFR Flow Diffuser is used to discharge clean air over the patient during operations for critical environments and is designed to comply with ASHRAE 170, which allows it to be used in surgical settings.

August 11, 2014

Titus HVAC’s Titus Laminar Flow Diffuser for critical environments has been designed to comply with industry standard ASHRAE 170. This allows it to be used in operating rooms as the primary diffusers. The vertical piston of air created by the diffuser is used to discharge clean air over the patient during operations. The diffuser reduces the amount of time and effort during installation and removal of filters with the snap-in and auto-centering filter retainers. The Titus diffusers are available in aluminum and stainless steel construction with filter retainers. They do not require tools for installation or removal and the filter gel seal is automatically aligned.

Titus HVAC