First 100% Green Power Public Utility in the U.S.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff October 23, 2006

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp., Natchez, Miss., earlier this month announced the construction of the nation’s first 100% green power public utility.

“With the opening of a new 500,000-sq.-ft. biofuel facility in Natchez, we will be supplying 100% of the power and electricity consumed by the city of Vidalia, La. through the Vidalia Power and Light Public Utility,” announced John Rivera, CEO of U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp.

The electricity will be produced from 100% bio-waste product derived from the production of USSEC’s organic 737 fertilizer, created from soybeans.

“By using green energy, it will help lower Vidalia’s energy cost and attract more industry to the area,” said Vidalia Mayor Hiram Copeland.

Rivera explained that the biofuel can be blended 50/50 with either gas, diesel or biodiesel to widen the range of utilization and also improve the overall performance of the blends. USSEC holds patent-pending technology for a biofuel and carbon based fertilizer, and has successfully demonstrated the cost-effective method of producing biofuel estimated at $0.50/gallon according to exhaustive studies and independent lab confirmation. The company has developed the process, units and catalyst that will transform agricultural biomass into biofuel and fertilizer.